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You just unlocked the universal Producteev mobile web app

As previously mentioned, we left some things off of the public roadmap. Our new mobile web app is one of them! Now you can add, organize, assign and track your to-dos without any native or 3rd party mobile applications — all you need is a Wifi hotspot or 3G connection and you’re good!

Jon Steinberg of Buzzfeed, one of the earliest adopters, calls the app, “a work of art.” It’s pretty amazing, if we don’t say so ourselves ;) What once started as a side project in one dev’s spare time (talk, dedication!) has really taken off and become completely company-backed.

Access the mobile web app on your device by going to: producteev.com or m.producteev.com. It works on works on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry….you name it!


Below’s another attractive screenshot. Happy Hand-held Tasking!

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