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Artificial Intelligence School Implements #ProducteevEDU to Take Over the World

A team of students in the School of Computational Information Systems are thrilled to install and “get the ball rolling,” so to speak, with ProducteevEDU.


The institute is based in Col Fabriciano, Brazil, and the educational initiative provides free premium accounts for online task management to any individual associated with higher learning (students, faculty, staff).

The campus’ Laboratory of Computational Intelligence (LIC) now has students, volunteers, as well as a lab coordinator and teaching assistant managing tasks on the platform agnostic collaboration tool.


“Producteev is simply great! Over the past several weeks, it has transformed the daily lives of students and helped to better facilitate teamwork and communication!” remarked Dr. Francisco Reinaldo, instructor of engineering, artificial intelligence and programming languages. “I’m really looking forward to Producteev making all LIC work processes better.”

This semester marks only the beginning, as the school’s smooth transition to an online project solution makes everything from building complex algorithms to sophisticated software programs to even *bots* more manageable!

In a short amount of time, Producteev just might enable this determined set of students to take over the world!


Producteev Helps you Make it Rain $$$ with your Side Job!

Things get pretty hectic when you’re a student that is struggling to balance course work on top of a side job. But with  Producteev for Education, you’re in luck! 
Step One: Create separate workspaces for your studies, and your job. 
You must must MUST designate a workspace exclusively to your job. It’s up to you if you would like a separate workspace for each of your classes, or just one for all classes. For the sake of organization, it would be most helpful if you can view all work-related matters in one glance. So if you’re using one workspace, organize projects/aspects of your life with labels. If you’re using several workspaces, the overview will show you all tasks across all workspaces.
Step Two: Plot, Prioritize, Organize Tasks
Let’s assume that you’re using one workspace for any side jobs. Labels will basically serve the purpose of colored tabs and organize your to-do list by category. 
Example Jobs:
Babysitting- Got a lotta clients with pesky kids? At least your workspace can stay neat! Assign a different colored label for each client. Or if if only have one or two clients, you can assign a color for each major task, such as yellow for picking kids up from school, blue to drop off for piano lessons, and red to help them with a school project.
Dog Walking- Same as above, you can assign a color for each client. Or you can assign different colored labels for different routes- purple for ‘around the block,’ orange for ‘through the park,’ and green for ‘past the arcade-where-the-cool-geeks-are.’
Step Three: Let Producteev Make Decisions Easier For You
Once you have tasks plotted and starred, take advantage of the ‘sort by’ feature to decide on what to check off next. You can sort by: deadline; date created; label; last changed; manager; priority; and title.

If you wanna geek out and learn about GTD (Getting Things Done) labels, see the following posts:


How to slack, I mean COLLABORATE with fellow students #ProducteevEDU

Now that shared workspaces are free for students, class collaboration on Producteev may be used to lighten your load this semester!

Having never been in a fraternity or sorority, it’s safe for me to serve as an expert in terms of Greek organizations, and an well known joke/fact about them is that members are in cohorts to cheat on exams. ;) More specifically, and to my shock and naïveté, certain fraternity organizations, keep private libraries of all course examination materials – for every single course known to man, or at least registered in the directory of classes. In turn, these materials are lent to members for “studying” purposes.

The following is a powerful paradigm, and potentially controversial concept, to introduce. However it is possible and possibly more beneficial in the long-run.

Producteev accepts virtually all file attachments and is known to store documents.

In theory, Producteev can be used to divide group assignments, distribute coursework, store documents (notes), and share them. Thus, individual group members have more time to do other things, like facebook! :P

If there weren’t Cliff’s notes or internet resources at your disposal, couldn’t the above method of shared note-taking via *team assignment*, in collaboration with document storage and previewing/downloading/printing be used to minimize efforts on the individual? Granted, there will be more team efforts and awkwardness, or maybe even pain in having to figure out team processes. However, the skill and experience of teamwork is infinitely more valuable and applicable to the workforce for that matter – than any single gain from having worked alone.

Though we’re not saying that a distributive and collaborative system as previously described is appropriate for all situations, but we do challenge you to be aware and open to situations where it would be effective (and absurd not to)! Should you go this route, teams of 3-7 persons are recommended for accountability, as well as manageability, purposes. In addition, regularly scheduled checkins, i.e. weekly reports/assessments are encouraged!

So why not use existing google products to collaborate this way? Well, we’re better looking, for one!

More importantly, we make it our mission to push boundaries of multi-platform integration and close-knit collaboration.

Let there be no pressure to do as the Greeks do, but let there be encouragement to always be creative, to do good, and to work together. Especially in regards to the intelligent application of technology. :)

Producteev is one such technology to help make your life easier! The ProducteevEDU initiative offers free premium plans for students.


College Life vs. Real Life. (Ding-ding-ding!)

Check out this infographic, and tell us- would you rather live in the college world, or the real world?


Producteev for Education finally launched! Premium service for anyone with a .edu e-mail address!

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Producteev for Instructors: All Work and YES Play!


The best thing about Producteev is that you can manage each of your course sections, as well as your personal life- all with one tool!
There is a delicate balance between juggling subjects, multiple students, and professional goals on top of personal matters. Summer is over, and it’s time to get back to the daily grind that is teaching. The workload seems to be ever-increasing with each passing semester, and the old-fashioned lesson planners and grade books can only go so far! Let Producteev for Education help you reclaim your life!
Simple Guide to the Path of Tranquility:
  1. Using your .edu e-mail address, sign up to Producteev for Education. (Link below)
  2. Once you’re in, assign a ‘workspace’ for each of your sections.
  3. Under each workspace, plot the information highlighted on the syllabus.
  4. Assign due dates and reminders as needed. These can be done via e-mail and IM.
  5. Add some visual appeal! Assign colored labels to each category of assignment. For example: Response Papers = Red; Research Reports = Yellow; etc.
  6. Observe the activity in all your sections with one glance through the ‘overview.’
  7. As assignments get completed, mark them ‘done.’ Now onto the next project!
But wait there’s more! Producteev for Education adds another layer of awesome to what it has to offer.
  • Hold that Thought: Add notes to your tasks! Feel free to quickly jot down any ideas you may like to implement… before the thought gets lost in another rush of ideas!
  • Sharing is Caring: Collaborate with a colleague or superior on tasks!
Now of course we won’t just tell you about our amazing software, and leave you to fend for yourself! We offer videos that would help you get started with Producteev. Heck, whenever you’re ready, there are additional videos available to help guide you through the basics of each feature. Once you get into the swing of it all, you will soon find that you have… (get ready for this)… breathing room!
Whether you are a school teacher, college/adjunct professor, or even a private/after-school tutor- only you truly understand the workload that goes unnoticed with your occupation.
Unlock the door to your peace of mind, and let Producteev for Education be the key. Sign up now with your .edu e-mail address, for this free premium service by Producteev! 
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