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Q & A: How Producteev helps a team of scientists juggle multiple research projects



The BennettLab is an obesity research lab based at Duke University in the Department of Psychology and in the Duke Global Health Institute. Its research is funded primarily by various government grants.
The BennettLab is run by Dr. Gary Bennett and is comprised of faculty, staff, undergraduate, as well as graduate students.
Perry is the Project Director and managers all of the lab’s research projects. Erica is the Project Coordinator for Intervention and is responsible for development and implementation of intervention studies.
The lab works closely with community partners and a variety of external vendors in order to operationalize interventions.
How do you use Producteev?
Erica: We focus on developing strategies to help contend with the obesity epidemic by uncovering social and behavioral determinants of obesity in high risk populations and developing innovative obesity intervention strategies.
At any given time, we are juggling 6 or 7 research projects. We really needed a system to help us make progress with our huge workload. Producteev helps us stay in touch with the bigger picture while managing and prioritizing our day-to-day tasks.
Perry: As Project Director, I’ll often glance at the workspace tasks and use it to help the team prioritize and manage their responsibilities. It’s helpful for us to be able to check in with each other by creating new assignments and seeing if anyone needs help. I love that Producteev makes it easier for us to track and follow up on simple tasks, like “make a phone call” — both our tasks and those assigned to team members.
Erica: In addition to the web app, we’re fans of mail2task and IM2task. We use IM quite frequently and find it really convenient, especially coupled with natural language.
Perry: We’re also admirers of the notes feature and use it regularly.
Describe your experience with it:
Perry: Producteev just fit with our team. It very quickly and very easily accommodated a wide range of technical comfort. Producteev was adaptable for those with higher technical inclination, and it allows them to activate some of the more advanced features. Yet, it was also a program that the members of our team who are not really gadget-savvy can use with ease. 
Erica: To get everyone on board, we did a short 15-minute training on how to use the software, and since then it’s been adapted by everyone.
We’re really excited to bring our work to another level and collaborate with scientists in other states and other countries! Soon, we’ll work with a research team in China, and we know that Producteev is going to continue to be a reliable productivity tool for our research.
Note from Producteev: Multi-language support, including Chinese, is in development! Thanks, BennettLab team, and best of luck!


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