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Why you should have a talk with the Producteev Chat Bot !


The talking-robots are often scary, but they’re not always like that! Look at R2-D2 : without him, Skywalker wouldn’t be alive after the 1st Star Wars…

If you adopt it, the Producteev chat robot will be your very own productivty assistant. He will take care of your tasks all day-long. Either you want to be notified when a task is due or create a new task, directly on and from your desktop.


1/ Add the Bot as friend

To add the bot to your contact list, you first need to activate the feature in your Producteev account. To do so, go to this page, click on the Google Chat button and enter your Google account or Jabber address.

Then you only need to accept the invitation from the Bot directly in your GMail account, or in your Jabber Client if you already have one.


2/ Connect your messaging account to your favorite client

iMessage, trillian, Adium… The choice is all yours. All you need to do is to open your client, and to enter your credentials in the application’s preferences.




3 / Discuss with the bot

You’re all set! Now you’ll receive a message directly to your desktop every time you have a notification or a task is due. To set up wich alerts you want to receive or not, go to this page.

To create a new task using our bot, simply talk to it, it understands Natural Language Processing. For example, you can write: “@BC Call the banker tomorrow #Finance” to assign “call the banker” to Bruno C., due tomorrow with the label Finance.


Thanks for your support and stay Producteev!


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Getting serious about Task Management and Producteev and need some help?

You might want to check out this Producteev Training from VM Associates.

They organize a webinar every Thursday at 11am EDT to get the most out of Producteev, learn the basics but also how to manage workspaces, delegate tasks and “get  things done”.

For 45minutes they will go over Producteev navigation, use cases and best practises and will finish with 15minutes of Q&A. 

You can signup for the Producteev 101 webinar here for $49 USD/webinar/person. 


[HOWTO] Import Toodledo Tasks to Producteev (you need an Android device)

[Thanks A LOT to Lee Gooding for providing that excellent tutorial on our Support Center, let’s give him the stage!]

This isn’t so much an idea, as a way to import tasks from Toodledo. I have about 100 tasks in my Toodledo account and I wanted to move them over to Producteev. It took me about 15 minutes.

I have tested this with the Android version of Astrid.

Step 1:

Download and install TaskUnifier (http://www.taskunifier.com/)

Step 2:

Add the Toodledo sync plugin, and the Google Tasks publish plugin available for FREE for TaskUnifier.

Step 3: 

Sync TaskUnifier with your Toodledo account

Step 4:

Publish your newly synced tasks to your Google Tasks (using the TaskUnifier publish plugin)

Step 5:

Install Astrid for your mobile device (Android). Setup syncing with Astrid.com and Google Tasks. DO NOT SETUP PRODUCTEEV YET.

Step 6 (this may not be necessary):

Once your Google tasks have been synced to Astrid, you can go ahead and remove the connection to Google.

Sync with Astrid. Login to the web version Astrid and you should see all your Toodledo tasks now in Astrid.

Step 7:

Add your Producteev account to the Astrid mobile app.

NOTE: If you already had a producteev link then you must remove the connection to reset sync data, otherwise this will not work.

Once you have added your login info, it will sync automatically.

Step 8:

Check your Producteev account. All your Toodledo tasks should now be imported!

I really hope this helps some of you!

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How to Write a Mail to Task


Created by: Carolyn

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Producteev Makes it Easy!

Check out our new How-To Infographic.

To learn how to write prioritize and assign a task, attach a file, make a label and add a deadline: Producteev makes it easy!


Created by Carolyn


How does “privacy” work on Producteev once I am collaborating with others?

We get that question pretty often, so let us try to clear that out.

Here are a couple of things you should know:

LOCKED MODE (Default mode):

1. When you collaborate with other users on a specific workspace, by default, everyone will be able to see all tasks posted by the members of this team (members who got invited and joined the workspace). Note that except the creator, the assignee and the administrator of your workspace, no one else can EDIT them. They can only view them, and post comments on them. They can’t change a deadline, edit labels or change the person in charge for example.




2. If you want more open collaboration, and let everyone from your team interact with all of your workspaces’ tasks, we recently launched a new setting for that, it’s called an “unlocked” workspace. Once that feature activated, anyone from your team can : complete a task, edit labels, set deadlines and reminders, change the assignee, etc. Anyone can do anything! Your workspace is not public, just editable by all the members of that workspace.




On Producteev, you can also select who’s seeing each and every one of your tasks if you want to. Click on the ‘privacy’ feature in your task detail panel. If you want to hide that “get my boss a birthday present” task in your team’s workspace, you can do it :)


Those settings are only available from the web app for now, but obviously reflect on all of the other apps once approved.

Hope that helps!

UPDATED ON MAY 7, 2012: Thanks to @stoweboyd for helping find the right terminology for “Locked’ and “Unlocked”!

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Getting Familiar with Producteev: FAQ List (Updated Sep 2011)

I. Login & Accounts

Open ID
You can use facebook, google or yahoo connect to save time on your first, and subsequent, web app logins.

Be sure to set your account information password to access 3rd party applications (including the mac desktop app). The forgot password link is similar to resetting your password manually.

Forgot password
Should you forget your password, you can generate a temporary password using the “forgot password” option in the login box. Go to the homepage at http://producteev.com and instead of logging in or registering, select “forgot password.”

Be sure to check spam folders for password instructions.

Close account
If you created a duplicate account or wish to delete your account forever, you will need to email contact[at]producteev[dot]com with your request.

Currently, there is no way to delete an account on your own. The upcoming web app, however, will have this feature. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to learn more about this next iteration of Producteev.

II. Configuring Settings

Sync to google calendar in two clicks. Select an individual workspace to be synced and select the calendar icon from the task list. Next hit “send to google calendar.”

You will then be prompted to grant access to google, be sure to accept. Note: workspaces are synced on an individual basis.

Collaborating is easy on Producteev! Add a team member to your workspace from the People section, in the left side bar. Click “add a person,” enter his/her email address and hit enter.

If he/she hasn’t already, your team member will be prompted to register for a Producteev account in order to join your workspace. Should you have any issues, such as the email invitation getting put in the spam folder, you can share the unique invitation link in your Workspace Administration/People tab. Simply copy/paste the unique link and share with the corresponding invitee.

Default notifications are only for tasks with deadlines that are overdue. You can turn off these notifications from your Workspace Administration panel.

Select Workspace Administration in the left footer. Next select the Email/IM tab. Edit notifications and uncheck, or disconnect completely.

III. Basic Features

Hot tasks
A task is “hot” if it has at least one star and is due today.

Email a task / IM a task
Email tasks to task[at]producteev[dot]com to add them to your to-do list.

Your login email is already configured. To configure additional email addresses, select Workspace Administration in the left footer. Next select the Email/IM tab. Add and connect additional email/IM accounts.

Any tasks added via email/IM can be accessed using the Inbox filter in the left sidebar.

The inbox filter in the left sidebar displays tasks added via email/IM.

It is *not* a custom filter, as in David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) method.

Natural Language Processing
Certain keyboard shortcuts are available on Producteev.

See the following Support section for a list of syntax.

IV. Plans and Upgrades

Producteev pricing is per workspace and workspace plans are free for individuals and small teams of two.

Any mention of the word “trial” will disappear from your account information after 14 days of use, it is merely a way to indicate that a workspace is new. 

Free Premium Plans with Producteev for Education
Click the following to learn more about this newly launched program for students and schools.

Producteev is proud to offer discounts for non-profit use. If interested in obtaining 20% off, email contact[at]producteev[dot]com for your promotion code.

Producteev pricing is per workspace and teams purchasing more than one workspace will receive discounts for purchasing a bundle of workspaces.

Standard bundle discounts are issued for 2, 5 and 10 workspaces. Email contact[at]producteev[dot]com for other workspace bundle needs.

V. Advanced Features

Tasks are viewable to your workspace members, unless otherwise specified. You can change privacy settings of individual tasks from the web app.

Select a task and click on the lock icon to open up a privacy window. Checked team members have viewing privileges, so uncheck names that should not have viewing rights.

Additional Workspaces
Add a workspace to organize your projects, or by GTD context. Click on a workspace title and enable the workspace drop down menu. Add your new workspace at the bottom.

Note: Producteev pricing is per workspace and workspace plans are free for individuals and small teams of two. Although workspaces with 3 or more people do not qualify for a free plan, bundles and discounts (details above) help decrease the price.

See all tasks, across all workspaces (projects/contexts) by selecting the Overview. Click on a workspace title and enable the workspace drop down menu to display the overview option.


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Updated: Support’s not moving, it’s getting a makeover!

A new Producteev help center with fewer but hopefully better organized and more helpful articles will soon be available.

In the spring, we thought it would be a good idea to relocate support. While that may be accomplished in the future, for now we’re making it our priority to:

  • respond in a timely fashion
  • decrease the amount of incoming requests with better documentation

The above are possible even without relocating, so although we had planned to move the support center (in order to combine it with the idea forum), it is instead staying right where it is at: http://support.producteev.com/. And like the envisioned relocation, the made-over Producteev Support will be “streamlined, simplified, and easily searched.”

Just aiming to make it leaner, meaner, and having it better serve you! Stay tuned via blog this month. :)


Early stage of makeover process

Thanks for your patience with our recent growth and new users, and sorry for lags with our back-to-back releases. Summer’s been busy with the launch of our mac desktop app, mobile web app, crowdsourced tasks, and email sync for outlook and google tasks. More improvements across the board — support, community, and especially product — to come!


This Week: Support Center Re-locating


We’re packing our bags and moving the help desk this week. The new help desk will make it easier to:

  • report an issue
  • ask a question
  • submit a feature request

All in one convenient location!

It’s been a long road since mission accomplished and the Support Center you see now was launched. The good thing is, the upcoming help desk will be streamlined, simplified, and easily searched. All important information in the current ZenDesk knowledge base will be transferred to our UserVoice knowledge base. Basically, we’re gathering all that we learned from our first FAQ site and applying it to the next one. You can think of it as Help Desk Two! ;)

Stay tuned for the new URL next week, and please bear with us as we take on this great feat.

Photo credit: Andrew Cafourek

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1st Webinar Fundamentals of Producteev this Wed March 9 noon EST #productivity


Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 12 p.m. EST 

catch our very first webinar:


Judi Huck, community manager, will cover the basics of our task management app. Learn the ropes, get answers. No question is too geeky!

See you soon.

Photo credit: Chuck Carmone

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