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Top 5 Ways to Turn Around a To-Do List From Being a Total #Fail

To-do lists are hard, we all struggle with them. Sometimes they seem to take over our lives. We can’t let that happen!

Below are the top five signs you need to change your to-do list and how to make that happen.

  1. A disheveled appearance that’s no longer hipster. Messy hair and ’80s clothes work for residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But looking a hot mess 24/7 and outside of New York City often indicates a lack of personal care. Not looking your best and paying inadequate attention to personal appearance is a faux pas in France. Nobody would be caught dead in sweatpants or Crocs over there! If you’re constantly throwing on scrubs and not working in the medical field, you may need to rearrange your to-do list. Remove things, for instance, that don’t need to be there. You’ll be happier and more likely to score a hot date, which is a win-win in our opinion. ;)
  2. Inability to carry on coherent conversations. Have you become a space cadet? Earth to Jane/John! Do you sometimes get emails thrown back at you due to not thoroughly reading them and failing to respond to all questions and concerns? You probably need to take a short break, so that your focus becomes sharper. Try the Pomodoro Technique if you haven’t already.
  3. Desks and desktops that are utterly out of control. Similar to personal appearance, our workspaces should be cared for and attended. Taking moments to organize your files each day, and clearing your desk – even once a week if you don’t have time everyday – will have huge impacts on time saved in the long run. Don’t make your life harder. Keep your workspaces clean and orderly. You’ll be better at getting your work done, we guarantee.
  4. People avoiding your increasingly curmudgeony ways. If you’ve morphed into a cranky, angry person nobody wants to be around and all your co-workers dodge you in the hallways – now is the time to get serious about work-life balance. Here’s a great guest post on strategies for work-life balance. Our relationship to work affects our personal relationships. Americans especially need to be more mindful of when to put more energy on the human side and less on the money making side.
  5. Complete exhaustion and on the verge of system meltdown. OK, you’re way overdue for that work-life balance. Follow user Tony Morgan and delegate whenever possible. Go back to basics and priorities. We can’t always get everything done that we want to – but we can work intelligently to get things done that we need to. Learn about the Covey Method for prioritization, from student user Aaron Couch. Have an amazing method of your own? We want to hear it in the comments!

At Producteev, we believe you can master your to-do list. Often, it’s just a matter of re-figuring things out. Learn more about conquering your to-dos, including the famous Getting Things Done framework, from business analyst Karl Burkum.


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