Two-Minute Tip: Separate Workspaces for Organizing Every Aspect of Your Life

Creating a separate workspace for each aspect of your life only takes a few secs, and helps out A LOT with organization & reducing clutter.

Why create extra workspaces? Why not list all tasks on one display?

If you plan to lightly use Producteev on one or two aspects of your life (shopping lists, errands) then placing all your tasks on one workspace would be okay. If you plan on using it for several aspects (which you know you should) it’s best you create separate workspaces early on. 

Here is how to go about it:

On the upper left portion of your screen, click on the blue tab that reads ‘(your name)’s Workspace.’ 


A little dropdown menu will appear. Click on the white bar titled, “New Workspace.” Type in the name of the new workspace you would like to create, and click on the ‘+’ on that very same bar to save it.


That is it! Just repeat this simple procedure for additional workspaces. Plot your tasks accordingly onto each of the applicable workspaces, and you will neatly be on the road to productivity! To switch between workspaces, just click on the same blue tab, and select which workspace you would like to view. If you would like to change the order in which the workspaces appear on the blue panel, simply drag and drop!

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