Updated: Support’s not moving, it’s getting a makeover!

A new Producteev help center with fewer but hopefully better organized and more helpful articles will soon be available.

In the spring, we thought it would be a good idea to relocate support. While that may be accomplished in the future, for now we’re making it our priority to:

  • respond in a timely fashion
  • decrease the amount of incoming requests with better documentation

The above are possible even without relocating, so although we had planned to move the support center (in order to combine it with the idea forum), it is instead staying right where it is at: http://support.producteev.com/. And like the envisioned relocation, the made-over Producteev Support will be “streamlined, simplified, and easily searched.”

Just aiming to make it leaner, meaner, and having it better serve you! Stay tuned via blog this month. :)


Early stage of makeover process

Thanks for your patience with our recent growth and new users, and sorry for lags with our back-to-back releases. Summer’s been busy with the launch of our mac desktop app, mobile web app, crowdsourced tasks, and email sync for outlook and google tasks. More improvements across the board — support, community, and especially product — to come!