Welcoming our new employees!

Exciting times here at Producteev! Startup life has many benefits: Working on something you love with awesome people with whom you share your passion is definitely on the top of the list. This week, we had the great pleasure to supercharge our team with three new additions. We are very excited to have them here and you can look forward to seeing even more exciting products and features from the Producteev team in the near future! Enough said, meet our new team members:


My full name is Thomas Bonnin. I am a 25 year old guy from France. I have been a freelance iphone developer since January 2009. Here is an example of app that I created: www.omapsiphone.com. I previously worked as a software engineer for Sagem Avionics, an aeronautic company based in Dallas, TX. Over there I designed and developed a couple of data flight management tools. I got a Master degree in management and computer science (MIAGE Toulouse) in 2007. Here is my twitter description that sum up my personality pretty well : I am a learning addict, travel enthusiast, runner and electro music fan. Don’t hesitate to contact me, I am always willing to have a chat with interesting people about one of these topics. You can follow me on Twitter @tbonnin and read more about me on my homepage: www.thomasbonnin.com


I am Ismael, 23 year-old French man, recently arrived in the City. Freshly graduated from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, my background is Engineer and more especially Information Technology for Engineering. My prior significant experience consisted in an internship in San Francisco as a Research and Development Engineer, at LSTC, a company developping and selling a simulation software for mechanical systems. I also did a lot of side research projects during my studies, in undergrad, in the University of Technology of Troyes, France. Last year, I also worked as a French-English interpreter at ALPLA, a Plastic Packaging company. At Producteev I work in the Product Development department, and I will develop the new Android applications. You can follow me on Twitter @ismaelhenchi if you want to know how exciting working with Producteev is!


Hi, I am Julien, a 23 year old student and will soon graduate from Marseille Business School in France. After working a year at Adessa, an SAP Consulting company in Belgium, where I gained experience in Business development and project leading, I just joined Producteev. I am working toward fitting the application to your task management expectations, and building the most efficient productivity solution for your everyday issues. By the way, do not hesitate to give me feedback and give me a headache while you’ll be relaxing and letting Producteev manage your stuff for you :-). Please follow me on twitter @evarouss

With our new team members here at the Producteev headquarters we have added some great talent to help boost our speed of innovation. Stay tuned for a ton of exciting news very soon!