You are Stronger Than Twitter!

Don’t let Twitter snatch you away from your tasks!


What is it about Twitter that gets us hooked? According to Twist Image President, Mitch Joel:

  • The short messages (tweets) happen in bursts. This is both addictive to watch and so “snackable” that it’s hard to resist.
  • It’s easy to bang out a tweet in a couple of seconds… and it feels good to let people know what you’re thinking/what you’re up to.
  • It happens in real-time, so whenever you’re engaged with Twitter, you are “in the moment.”
  • People say, do and share interesting things.
  • It’s the ultimate in reality programming. What’s more interesting: to watch the story of people we don’t know (or those that are made up) verses the story of people we do know or are interested in?
  • It’s highly mobile. Tweeting or following Twitter is something that’s easy and mindless to do when you’re standing with one arm wrapped around the pole in a subway or have a handful of minutes while in-between meetings.
  • It’s an easy way to follow and connect with new and interesting people.


Be cautious of your Twitter activity- don’t get sucked into the vortex of multiple endless exchanges! You would be so much better off if you were to take that very same energy, enthusiasm, and zest, and place it towards your own tasks!

How good are you at resisting the temptation?

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