Meet The Team.

Producteev is run by a dedicated team of passionate product people, engineers and designers as part of Jive Software. Since our founding in New York City in 2008, we’ve had the dream of making productivity apps vastly easier to use and accessible anywhere. Today, Producteev is used by hundreds of thousands of people creating millions of tasks.

Ilan Abehassera
Product (Founder and CEO)

Originally from France, Ilan moved to New York 2004 to pursue his American Dream. He eventually founded Producteev in 2008 and transitioned to a product role after the acquisition by Jive. While he’s not spending quality time with his three children, Ilan loves trying out new apps and sharing random thoughts on Twitter.

Aric Lasry
Staff Engineer (Founder and CTO)

Aric is in charge of leading the development team. He's a talented programmer with a passion for well executed products. When he's not coding, you can find him biking the pacific coast with his friends.

Jerome Miglino
IOS Engineer

Calling Jerome tech-savvy would be an understatement. Always hot on the tails of the latest trends in mobile, Jerome is all about creating the perfect user experience.

Dan Attali
Back-end Engineer

Dan has spent the last few years working on intranets and other big IT projects for international companies. He recently joined the SAAS world, and he's not ready to go back. Advice: If you don't like hip-hop, do not share a ride with this guy!

Julien Rousseau
Front-End Engineer - Designer

Part developer, part designer, Julien is a music fan who loves programming and soccer, and believes design is delivering on functionality and simplicity. He's happy when users are happy.

David Roe
Front-End Engineer

With an extensive background in research and data systems, David is a Silicon Valley veteran focusing on building rich internet applications and the capabilities afforded by modern browsers.

Ismael Henchi
Android Engineer

Ish is a mechanical engineer from France, committed to transforming ideas into functional tools for people to navigate with every day. He creatively translates systems into apps for intuitive usability.

Liping Zhao
QA Engineer

Liping enjoys working closely with developers to deliver the highest quality products, with a focus on test automation and continuous integration.

Ramin Safaie
Back-end Engineer

Ramin spent eight years in the dark world of network security before following the light to end up at Producteev. No one should challenge him in trivia, soccer or backgammon.

Kelly Miller
Marketing Manager

Born and raised in California, Kelly is the marketing voice behind Producteev. Passionate about technology, great communication, staying active and, of course, being productive, Kelly helps to round out the otherwise techy team.

Nick Church
Account Support Technician

You’ll find Nick working hard to assist you in the support community. Passionate about user experience and customer service, he aims to ensure your visit is a pleasant one. Please contact Nick for your in-flight movie and on-board beverages.