20 Ways to Plan for Student Success with Producteev feat. @cmspearman @meglish


“As an undergraduate student at Penn State, using Producteev on my android phone (Astrid sync) along with the webapp and google calendar sync really keeps me productive. Also, using labels and the new smartsearch feature allows me to categorize my tasks, which kept me on track as I successfully applied and was accepted to medical school” – Chris Spearman, Penn State. 

“I use Producteev to manage all of my course assignments, whether as whole project due dates or as individual tasks – whichever I might happen to need. I don’t know what I would do without the multicolored labels, and I love that I can make them match the tabs and folders I use for hard copies of work. I also use it to keep track of the courses I TA for, so I can better remember to get grades back to students and review their online content at a consistent rate. Being able to post notes to items is perfect – otherwise I end up with scribbles on scrap paper that I lose or toss. As much as I’d love to go fully digital, it’s not always an option, and Producteev is adaptive enough to meet my needs as each semester brings new requirements and challenges” - Meghan Dornbrock, Syracuse University.

Like Chris and Meghan, you can plan for student success with Producteev by:
keeping a calendar

  • Record all major assignments and their due dates
  • Add tests, quizzes & projects
  • Label to-dos by class, example: ECON101 or Economics
  • Sync with gcal, reminders available on your mobile device
  • Set notifications and never miss a deadline

outlining tasks

  • Create smaller tasks for big projects 
  • Use the starring system to prioritize your list
  • Keep track of tasks that repeat regularly

storing important documents

  • Email yourself class syllabi and other important documents
  • Scan and store graded assignments
  • Preview attachments in a single click
  • Download or print if needed

managing files

  • Back up everything (or most everything)
  • Save drafts & final versions
  • Search for and locate exactly what you need

organizing at the push of a button

  • Stay connected and in sync with one of our many smartphone applications (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)
  • Be organized 24/7

keeping up with contacts

  • Maintain an address book with emails and phone numbers – whether classmates or instructors


  • Share Producteev with fellow students and learn more about educational discounts
  • Invite classmates to your workspace and get things done as a group

How do you use Producteev to be awesome in school?

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