CEO @ilan Harnessing Multi-platform Integration

Team Spotlight: Ilan Abehassera — CEO, husband, father

fave features:

  • natural language processing
  • collaboration
  • priority

key benefits:

  • control of email based workflow
  • convenient access
  • high flexibility

In the past I’ve shared how you can use Producteev for your CRM needs, but this is what I am going to focus on now: how I use it in my daily workflow, focusing only on tasks.

Like a lot of you, I manage a great quantity of emails every single day. I personally hate that actionable emails sit on my inbox for ever, because there’s no way to rank them by priority or set deadlines.

Since I’ve been using Producteev in my work life, I simply forward those actionable items to and let Producteev do the rest. I use our natural language processing features a lot, and that saves me time and ranks those emails into my task list automatically.


One other reason why I am using Producteev on a daily basis is: shopping lists. Of course, we can use pen and paper, and lots of people are using emails… I use Producteev so my wife can create lists for me, I get it automatically on my iPhone when I am shopping, AND I check off what I am buying one by one. Works like a charm. Simple, and collaborative. Remember, you can collaborate with one other people on Producteev for free! So try it out by inviting someone to your workspaces.


Desktop & Web
The way I am updating Producteev is really as multi-platform as you can imagine, I use pretty much all of our integrations: IM, Email, iPhone, Google Apps and Gmail Gadget, and the Mac app (yes you’ll have it too!). At the end of the day, I use Producteev as my task dropbox, and when I get to the office, I simply open the desktop app (formerly the web app), rank my tasks by priority (because this is mostly the way I get things done), assign some of my tasks to teammates, and get cracking on that to-do list!

Bottom line, I don’t use all of our features, but I certainly harness the power of the platform we’re creating. Producteev gathers all my tasks across other tools I use, and then lets me access and track them no matter where I am working.