A new look for your task list

Yesterday we released a new design for the task list as well as a few minor improvements to the Producteev UI.

Up to 4 assignees can now be displayed in a row. A circle with the number of extra assignees will be displayed in the event that a task has more than 4 assigned users.

The task project is now displayed in the task list next to the assigned users. Clicking on the project title lets users move the task to another project right from within the task list.


Check boxes in the task list are now represented by circled rather than squares to avoid confusion with bulk selection check marks.

The labels are now accompanied by a colored icon.

And finally, new help tooltips have been added in various locations. You can hover over certain actions to see what you can do.

These changes as well as a few minor UI updates are now available in the Producteev Jive integration as well.

What do you think?

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