Artificial Intelligence School Implements #ProducteevEDU to Take Over the World

A team of students in the School of Computational Information Systems are thrilled to install and “get the ball rolling,” so to speak, with ProducteevEDU.


The institute is based in Col Fabriciano, Brazil, and the educational initiative provides free premium accounts for online task management to any individual associated with higher learning (students, faculty, staff).

The campus’ Laboratory of Computational Intelligence (LIC) now has students, volunteers, as well as a lab coordinator and teaching assistant managing tasks on the platform agnostic collaboration tool.


“Producteev is simply great! Over the past several weeks, it has transformed the daily lives of students and helped to better facilitate teamwork and communication!” remarked Dr. Francisco Reinaldo, instructor of engineering, artificial intelligence and programming languages. “I’m really looking forward to Producteev making all LIC work processes better.”

This semester marks only the beginning, as the school’s smooth transition to an online project solution makes everything from building complex algorithms to sophisticated software programs to even *bots* more manageable!

In a short amount of time, Producteev just might enable this determined set of students to take over the world!