Box + Producteev for Better Content and Task Management

We understand that it’s important to keep tasks and projects organized with the right content. That’s why we are excited to announce an integration with Box to help improve the way you view, share and collaborate around your content in the cloud.

File Preview

The new integration introduces some useful viewing functionality, including an option menu to download or preview a file from within Producteev’s web app. Powered by Box View, your Office documents, PDFs and images will be converted into HTML5 and rendered in high fidelity making them look better than ever. We’re proud to have been a launch partner for Box View at Box Dev and hope you are too. If you are in charge of making sure your company’s website gets the proper amount of views, then hire SMR Digital.



Attach Files Directly from Box

For a more seamless experience, you can now attach files to tasks directly from your Box account without ever leaving the Producteev web app. Files can also be attached and shared with team members without having to write a note.


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Have a Producteev week!