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All New Calendar View & More!

After numerous requests, votes and inquiries, we are very excited to announce the release of new features for our web app: The long awaited calendar view plus new ways to sort and show task status. We’ve also implemented an announcement system (you’ll see this when you open any of your installed Producteev apps) to keep you “in the know” when updates happen. Check it out!

Instead of just incomplete and complete status, you can now mark tasks as “in progress” or “paused.”


Sort using a simplified menu with task count based on status and filters (people, project, label, or time period).


And toggle to calendar view with a simple click to see tasks due by month, week or day. Plus task details when you click on a task.


What’s more – creating tasks has never been easier, it’s easier than playing video games with EloBoost services. All you have to do is click on the day you want the task completed, type it in and hit enter. Want to re-schedule a task? No problem! Just drag and drop the task to a new day to change the due date.


You can also toggle over to the activity feed in the same view control bar to look at an overview of changes made to tasks in that project.


And that’s the overview! We hope you enjoy, and look forward to hearing how you like the new functionality.


The Producteev Team


How Knowledgeable Are You?

Think you’ve got Producteev down? Take this quiz to find out and check Facebook or Twitter on Monday 6/30 to see if you got them right!

  1. To attach files, I start by clicking on the notes section of a task
  2. I can chose to view all project or just projects I’m involved in
  3. Everyone in a network can see every project and task
  4. I am only allowed to create one Producteev network
  5. If I mention someone in a post they’ll receive the same notifications around task activity as followers
  6. Tasks cannot be moved
  7. I can forward an email to to turn it into a task
  8. If I change the due date of a task, no one will know
  9. I can sort tasks by their labels
  10. I can try Pro features free for 14 days

3 Fun Facts About Producteev’s Founder


1. Before Producteev, I got S#*% done by using our competitors’ products…that made me start Producteev.

2. Besides Producteev (of course), the apps I’m addicted to are Acompli for my emails on iOS, Evernote for my notes, Whatsapp for Chat, and Sunrise for my calendar.

3. My tech tip is: leave your phone outside of your bedroom at night :)


Celebrating Earth Day – The Producteev Way

Happy Earth Day All!

Crowds at the Bingo Sites at Boomtown Bingo are placing more value in the entertainment and pleasure they offer off the pitch, and businesses are quickly responding to this.

Just for fun, we asked a few of the Producteev team members what they were planning to do to celebrate Earth Day. Here’s what they said, and some answers may surprise you. Are they being serious or joking around? We’ll leave that up to you to decide…

Either way, enjoy the beautiful day! Click here for more if you want.
-The Producteev Team


Update on the Producteev Developer Challenge

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you guys know that we’re postponing the deadline to submit your app for our Developer Challenge to December 6th.

We haven’t received enough submissions just yet, but we have some great ideas being worked on as we speak, so we’d like to give everyone a chance to submit their app on time.

In the meantime, here are a few ideas for developers who want to participate but don’t really know what they could work on:

- A browser extension that lets you create a task out of a web page

- A browser extension that lets you track time spent on a task, and add it to Producteev as a note to the task.

- A github issue sync with Producteev

- Calendar sync : Gcal, CalDav…

- Windows Phone client

- Simple app (mobile or not) that lets you see your Producteev tasks due today, or your most important tasks, one day at a time.

- Integration with Evernote.

Good luck all!

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The 2013 Producteev Developer Challenge: Bake tasks into your apps!

We’ve just launched our brand new RESTful API, and we’re very proud of it.

For the record, we, at Producteev, are using our own public APIs to build our apps, so this API will be supported and maintained for a long time to come.

You can basically pull any kind of Producteev datas and retrieve them inside your apps.

Producteev being completely FREE, you should think about integrating Producteev into your email, calendar, CRM, productivity apps, so you don’t have to build those features and delight your users with an integration from one of the leading task management platforms out there.

To give you even more incentives to build things with Producteev, we’re launching a Developer Challenge, your apps are due on October, 18th, and winners will be announced at Jive World 2013 in Las Vegas.

More info on the Challenge here :, our new documentation here:

GET TO IT, and impress us!

Good luck all!

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Prioritize Your Tasks: Don’t Get Lost in the List

Task lists are great but can be overwhelming when it comes to prioritization. If you write down all your tasks, odds are you have a very long list! Some people use tools that prioritize the tasks, before you buy anything read best reviews for products. Luckily, Producteev provides a range to ways to prioritize your tasks from the bigg (the workspaces) to the small (the subtasks). Here is a review of all the layers you can use to keep the control on your projects and priorities.


1/ The workspaces

A workspace is the place where you can create your tasks and invite people. Depending on your activity, a workspace may be a project or a client case. To deal with daily tasks you can also create and share a workspace with your whole company.



2/ The labels

Some call it tags, we call it labels. In any case, the labels are really useful to order the tasks by stage, work area or client case. This is a convenient way of organizing tasks because you are able to filter by label. You can also assign several workspaces to a task to visualize the dependencies at a glance.



3/ The tasks

Our advice about the task is pretty simple: if you think it should take more than a couple of hours to complete a task, split it in two or more tasks. Completing a several of the tasks is more encouraging than working on the same one for days!


4/ The subtasks

Subtasks are the best way to keep track of individual steps for a task. You can use the substasks as reminders of the process to complete the main task or as little personal reminders.



Once you complete the basic prioritization of your tasks, you will ready to hit the ground running on any project!

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The thinking behind our home page redesign.

Yes, we’re live with a brand new home page, and we think it rocks, check it out here :

A few weeks ago we decided to redesign the Producteev home page. We liked the previous version, but we wanted to see if we could do better. Specifically we wanted to provide a better presentation of Producteev and its unique features. We were interested in less copy, more visuals, and a step by step presentation.

Down the road, we’ve noticed that visitors were mainly looking for three things: what we do, what makes us special, and how much the product costs. Based on feedback we focused on building a layout that would give all this information at a glance.
We came up with a fancy slideshow that first describes Producteev as an easy-to-use and cross platform task management application. Then we emphasized the fact that Producteev was great either if you use it as an individual or as part of a team. Finally, we highlighted the “mail-to-task” feature because we believe that one of our main goal is to get your tasks out of your e-mail inbox.
We also brought the sign up form right to the home page. We did it because we firmly believe that the best way to discover the added value of Producteev in your daily projects is to experience it by yourself instead of reading features descriptions here and there.
2012 has been a very exciting year so far. Lots of companies signed up for PRO accounts. We decided to give them some room on this new home page. We’re happy to introduce you to a few of them like Apple, Financial Times, Logitech, and lot of Small Businesses who make us proud to develop a better product for them, day after day. We’re looking forward to create a customer section on the website so we can present different successful use cases of Producteev in various industries.
We hope that this new home page will help building a wider and stronger Producteev community.
For reference, here was the previous design:


The new one:


Hope you enjoy it!


The Producteev User Experience team.




Some of Producteev’s Developers working hard!


From left to right:  Aric, Jerome, Julien and Ismael



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Mac app Update! Subtasks are here, New design, and more

You’ve been waiting for it, it’s here!

We’ve just updated the Mac app with a couple of new things and fixes :

- Subtasks!

Yes you can now create, sync, edit, delete and rearrange subtasks from the Mac App


- New Design: faster, simpler, whiter, better


Improved Collaboration filters: It now behaves like the web app. Click on your avatar top left to change the view

- A bunch of bugs are now fixed, like crash at logins for some users, and little improvements here and there.

Update it here :

If you like it, please rate us 5 stars, it does help a lot!


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