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All New Calendar View & More!

After numerous requests, votes and inquiries, we are very excited to announce the release of new features for our web app: The long awaited calendar view plus new ways to sort and show task status. We’ve also implemented an announcement system (you’ll see this when you open any of your installed Producteev apps) to keep you “in the know” when updates happen. Check it out!

Instead of just incomplete and complete status, you can now mark tasks as “in progress” or “paused.”


Sort using a simplified menu with task count based on status and filters (people, project, label, or time period).


And toggle to calendar view with a simple click to see tasks due by month, week or day. Plus task details when you click on a task.


What’s more – creating tasks has never been easier, it’s easier than playing video games with EloBoost services. All you have to do is click on the day you want the task completed, type it in and hit enter. Want to re-schedule a task? No problem! Just drag and drop the task to a new day to change the due date.


You can also toggle over to the activity feed in the same view control bar to look at an overview of changes made to tasks in that project.


And that’s the overview! We hope you enjoy, and look forward to hearing how you like the new functionality.


The Producteev Team


Celebrate Freedom from Micromanagement

Freedom comes in all different forms, from independence of a country to independence at work. In the spirit of 4th of July this week, we wanted to highlight how Producteev can free you from micromanagement. Thanks to notification and tracking features, team members can work independently and (micro)managers can still oversee everything, but do so without bugging their team. Here’s how:

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Box + Producteev for Better Content and Task Management

We understand that it’s important to keep tasks and projects organized with the right content. That’s why we are excited to announce an integration with Box to help improve the way you view, share and collaborate around your content in the cloud.

File Preview

The new integration introduces some useful viewing functionality, including an option menu to download or preview a file from within Producteev’s web app. Powered by Box View, your Office documents, PDFs and images will be converted into HTML5 and rendered in high fidelity making them look better than ever. We’re proud to have been a launch partner for Box View at Box Dev and hope you are too. If you are in charge of making sure your company’s website gets the proper amount of views, then hire SMR Digital.



Attach Files Directly from Box

For a more seamless experience, you can now attach files to tasks directly from your Box account without ever leaving the Producteev web app. Files can also be attached and shared with team members without having to write a note.


Login to learn more about the integration and give it a try.

Have a Producteev week!


Hundreds of Ways to View Your Tasks

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of different ways you can view your and your teammates tasks in Producteev? That’s right. When you consider the various filter options, combinations, and the number of people and projects in your company network, lots of possibilities open up. Check it out – you can sort by:

1. Project to see all the tasks and people involved
2. Person to understand their workload, task progress and status
3. Label to view the tasks that fall into a specific category

4. Creator of tasks within a project
5. Title of the tasks, listed alphabetically
6. Priority so you can address starred tasks in order of importance
7. Deadline either ascending or descending by date
8. Creation date to view when tasks were entered and their current status
9. Last changed so you can see when updates were last made to a task

10. Task status



Active and Completed

Due today

Due this week


11. Task type

Assigned to me

Created by me

I’m following

With files attached

What filter(s) do you use most?

Until next time,

The Producteev Team


Announcing our long awaited iPad app, one-of-a kind Outlook integration, and more!

Although it’s been a while since our last update, we have been actively listening to what our community is saying on Social Media and working hard on lots of new features for Producteev. It’s safe to say that, since we joined Jive in November 2012, we’ve never been so innovative. Which brings us to today’s announcements!

1. The best free Task Management App just got better: Introducing Producteev for iPad

Yes, we’ve all been waiting a long time for this one, but we promise it’s been worth the wait. Producteev for iPad is fast, beautifully designed, HD, and consistent with the rest of our apps for iPhone, Android, Mac, and web. What’s better, it will come as an automatic update to the iOS app, which is now a Universal app (both for iPhone and iPad).

With iPads now part of our workflow, and quickly replacing desktop computers for a lot of workers around the world, we are confident that this great addition to our suite of apps will be a winner!

All that said, pictures are worth a thousand words, so here you go:



Download the iPad app today from the App Store:

2. Productivity on Outlook just got easier: Introducing Producteev Task Management integration on Outlook

For a few years now, Outlook users have been asking us for a better way to handle their task, which makes us extremely proud to announce our one of a kind Task Management integration for Outlook.

With this integration, we’ve bridged the gap between email, calendar and tasks. In a unique way, Producteev for Outlook (available on Windows for Office 2007, 2010 and 2013) allows you to transform your email client into an actionable and collaborate inbox. Now, for the first time, you can:

  • Turn emails into tasks and assign them to team members.
  • Include action items in emails which Sync to Producteev.
  • Schedule time to work on your tasks right in your Outlook calendar.
  • Use Outlook as your desktop companion for your Producteev tasks, with seamless access to projects, people, and task tracking.

See for yourself:




Download our brand new Outlook integration here:

3. Producteev’s offering just got bigger: Introducing Premium plans with Enterprise Grade features

Due to popular demand, we’ve rolled out new Premium plans for Producteev with Enterprise Grade features including Outlook integration, personalized support, and network interface customization. All our users can try the Outlook integration and Interface customization for FREE for 14 days! Login to your Producteev account to start your trial.

To learn more about our Premium plans, visit

One closing note: If you are an Outlook user and are excited about this integration, make sure to ACT FAST on our “Early Bird” plan priced at just $899 for lifetime access to Producteev for Outlook and network interface customization – it’s only available to the first 300 customers who purchase it! Buy it directly from here :

Thanks for the ongoing support guys, and hope you like the news!

Ilan and the Producteev by Jive Team.

6 Ways to Maximize and Manage Notification Alerts

Notifications are certainly the most important feature of a good project management system. And the bigger the project, the more vital the notifications become. We all need to be notified if a co-worker completes a task we were working on or if someone adds a comment. On the other hand, there are a lot of things we don’t need or want to be notified of. This is why Producteev provides smart notifications on Android, Mac, iPhone and Web. Here are seven best practices to be more efficient with notifications:



1/ Be selective. We give you the choice not to overload your mailbox. Go to your settings and set the events you want to receive notifications for.

2/ Pick and choose workspaces. Not all projects are of equal importance. Choose the workspaces that are highest priority to be notified about via email.


3/ Select the right email. We all have multiple emails addresses (personal and work). Choose the appropriate email for the project notifications in your settings.

4/ Unfollow tasks you are not interested in anymore. Notifications are sent for tasks you are involved in. If you are the creator or the assignee of a task, your will receive all the notifications. To stop those click on “unfollow” in the task detail panel.

5/ Follow priority tasks. An easy way to stay up-to-date on an important task is to follow it.

6/ Download the apps! Get notifications on your iPhone, Android, and/or Mac so you are always in the loop.


Have a Producteev week!

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Help us to learn to Producteev how to speak your language

When is the best time to learn new languages for a child? A hotly debated issue. The choice is ultimately up to the parents. Here at Producteev, we discussed the future of our baby task manager and concluded that it is time to say yes to one of the biggest request from our users!

Based on your requests, we would love to make Producteev available in the following languages. If you are fluent in any of the following languages, we want to hear from you! And if you speak a language that is not listed below (lolcats anyone?) and want to help us to translate Producteev, please contact us too!



How to help Producteev to speak your language?

The answer is pretty simple, contact us! Tweet, Facebook, email, comment on this blog post, telegraph…Regardless of how you communicate, please include your email address so we can get back to you. Bruno ( will be fully dedicated to our international helpers over the coming weeks, let us know that you’re alive and he will get back to you.

So, what’s in it for you (besides our gratitude)? You will enjoy early access to Producteev 4, free PRO subscriptions, your name on our website, and our eternal gratitude (which is worth its weight in gold image).

Thank you for your support over the last 4 years!

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Turn your emails into action!

Whether you use Outlook or a trendy mail client like Sparrow or directly Gmail, the statement holds true: emails are overwhelming. It results in a critical loss of productivity for employees and managers alike. What would happen if you turn this old tool into the most actionable piece of work? A task. Give it a try by starting to forward your actionable emails to This will help you will keep the conversation with your team in the right place, out of your email inbox.


From an email to a task, in a single forward


If you want to create a new task from scratch or to transform an existing email into a task the process is always the same: you send an email to You can send from your main address (the one you used to register on Producteev) and from any email address you own, as long as you register those in your account’s settings.

By default the title of your email will become the title of your task. Producteev will help you to go further into the action, by using the Natural Language Processing in the subject field you’re able to create a deadline and name the person who is responsible.

The actionable conversation



Once you have set the title of your future task and its assets, it’s time to edit your first note. The body of your email will be considered as the first note, including the attachments (remember all you can do with your docs on Producteev?). The icing on the cake is that you can also mention members of your team using the @ in the body of your email so they will be added as followers to the new task, and notified that they have a role to play! Now you only need to move the conversation in the right place and to let your collaborators move forward.

Turn the good emails into actionable tasks to create a better way to communicate and get things done.

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How to Deal with Privacy in Producteev


The idea driving innovation at Producteev is that we break all the barriers between your tasks and your team. However, we understand that there is the need for secrecy. That’s why we offer a couple of options that could even help 007 to save the world, in a total privacy.


To lock or unlock your workspace? It’s all about your collaboration philosophy

The first privacy setting we provide in Producteev is the ability to lock or unlock your workspaces. An unlocked workspace is the most open collaboration mode you can imagine: every user on your workspace can see, create and edit any task (except the hidden ones as we’ll see later). A perfect mode for small and highly collaborative teams. If your team is a little bigger and every user has a well-defined role you may find the locked mode useful. The locked mode only allows three people to edit a task: the creator of the task, the assignee, and the workspace administrator.

To access this setting you can use the network drop down menu on the top of your main screen (as shown on the screenshot below).



Only the chosen ones can know about the existence of a private task

When you work on a highly sensitive project, you want to have control over who can see the tasks. This is exactly why we designed the private tasks. Every time you open the details panel of a task, you can set the privacy settings by clicking on the lock followed by the words “All workspace member.” One click on this button and you can select who has the right to see the task, and who will never be aware of its existence. This is an easy way to keep your plan to take the control of the world totally secret.


Stay productive!

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When Producteev meets a crocodile, it’s all win for your docs

A few moths ago, Producteev adopted the best and nicest crocodile in the world: the Crocodoc. Why is this one so sweet? He is 100% document-ivorous: his only role is to let you share and annotate your documents in Producteev. No more searching through emails to find the most recent version of a document. Everything is stored with your tasks and projects so you can work with everyone on your team.

There is no cap on the number of documents or who can upload documents in Producteev. To upload a document, you simply go to any of your tasks and upload it as a Note. You are able to upload and share any type of file. However, only the following types will open up the golden gates of document collaboration: .DOC(x), .XLS(x), .PPT(x), and .PDF.


Once it’s uploaded, everyone who can see the task has the ability to download or annotate the document. To do so, just click on “preview and annotate” and the document editor will load. There are a world of possibilities: zoom-in, zoom-out, highlight, and annotate. And if you feel a little claustrophobic, don’t forget to click on “fullscreen.”

Next time you will see this Crocodile in Producteev, we bet you will not react like that:


Stay productive,


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