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Why you should have a talk with the Producteev Chat Bot !


The talking-robots are often scary, but they’re not always like that! Look at R2-D2 : without him, Skywalker wouldn’t be alive after the 1st Star Wars…

If you adopt it, the Producteev chat robot will be your very own productivty assistant. He will take care of your tasks all day-long. Either you want to be notified when a task is due or create a new task, directly on and from your desktop.


1/ Add the Bot as friend

To add the bot to your contact list, you first need to activate the feature in your Producteev account. To do so, go to this page, click on the Google Chat button and enter your Google account or Jabber address.

Then you only need to accept the invitation from the Bot directly in your GMail account, or in your Jabber Client if you already have one.


2/ Connect your messaging account to your favorite client

iMessage, trillian, Adium… The choice is all yours. All you need to do is to open your client, and to enter your credentials in the application’s preferences.




3 / Discuss with the bot

You’re all set! Now you’ll receive a message directly to your desktop every time you have a notification or a task is due. To set up wich alerts you want to receive or not, go to this page.

To create a new task using our bot, simply talk to it, it understands Natural Language Processing. For example, you can write: “@BC Call the banker tomorrow #Finance” to assign “call the banker” to Bruno C., due tomorrow with the label Finance.


Thanks for your support and stay Producteev!


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How to Write a Mail to Task


Created by: Carolyn

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New Duplicate Workspace Feature!

You can now create a new workspace without retyping all of your tasks and labels!


This new and highly requested feature will let you create template workspaces.

You can start a template with pre existing tasks from another workspace to make your life easier.  This is especially helpful if you have a business and you want to create a new workspace for each of your projects that contain the same tasks.
You can duplicate: labels, colleagues, completed tasks and active tasks.  The colleagues that you invite will receive e-mail notifications with their invitation.

This feature is just available for the web app for now.  It is accesible from the workspace drop down list by hovering the workspace you want to duplicate.

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Producteev Makes it Easy!

Check out our new How-To Infographic.

To learn how to write prioritize and assign a task, attach a file, make a label and add a deadline: Producteev makes it easy!


Created by Carolyn


How does “privacy” work on Producteev once I am collaborating with others?

We get that question pretty often, so let us try to clear that out.

Here are a couple of things you should know:

LOCKED MODE (Default mode):

1. When you collaborate with other users on a specific workspace, by default, everyone will be able to see all tasks posted by the members of this team (members who got invited and joined the workspace). Note that except the creator, the assignee and the administrator of your workspace, no one else can EDIT them. They can only view them, and post comments on them. They can’t change a deadline, edit labels or change the person in charge for example.




2. If you want more open collaboration, and let everyone from your team interact with all of your workspaces’ tasks, we recently launched a new setting for that, it’s called an “unlocked” workspace. Once that feature activated, anyone from your team can : complete a task, edit labels, set deadlines and reminders, change the assignee, etc. Anyone can do anything! Your workspace is not public, just editable by all the members of that workspace.




On Producteev, you can also select who’s seeing each and every one of your tasks if you want to. Click on the ‘privacy’ feature in your task detail panel. If you want to hide that “get my boss a birthday present” task in your team’s workspace, you can do it :)


Those settings are only available from the web app for now, but obviously reflect on all of the other apps once approved.

Hope that helps!

UPDATED ON MAY 7, 2012: Thanks to @stoweboyd for helping find the right terminology for “Locked’ and “Unlocked”!

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The Producteev iPhone app : status, and more.

Hi everyone, Ilan here.

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the iPhone app. A couple of people complained about the fact that our app is getting old, and doesn’t always sync. You’re right on both fronts.

Getting old : why is it getting old? The reality is that we only have one (brilliant) iOS and Mac developer (for now), and he’s been working on the (successful) Mac app ever since the iPhone app has been released. The good news is that he started again baking the brand new, shiny and fast iPhone app V2 for a couple of months already, and it’s simply going be out of this world. Sneak peek :


I can’t give out any release date (even though it’s set), for PR purposes. More about this soon.

Sync:  When such a technologically complex app gets older, you find out about ‘bugs’ over time, and sync is one of them. What happens is that when a Producteev account is getting bigger and bigger, the iPhone app is having a hard time to sync it. This issue is obviously fixed in the new version, since we built a brand new sync engine. Again, having one developer on this platform is not always easy to manage, but that’ll change.

Overall, a lot of things will change in the next couple of weeks, since we’re obviously working on something big that involves A LOT of improvements, more platforms supported, and a couple of surprises.

We’ll open private betas seats soon, on a one-to-one basis.

Thanks all for your support in the meantime!

Ilan, co-founder and CEO



Directory of Producteev 3rd Party Applications


Photo credit: Ryan Cain

The founders are off enjoying Google IO – the geekiest event ever. To celebrate and to kick off our 2nd Developer Throwdown, an API contest running through June, we’re compiling a list of all Producteev applications. To complete the directory, let us know which Producteev integrations we should add! You can also help us win a glorious prize at Google IO by voting for our short form video. Cheers!

*iGoogle gadget

*Contextual gadget

*iPhone app

Chrome extension

Opera extension


Task List Pro



MPM mobile project manager

Target Date


*App designed in-house


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Search EVERYTHING! Advanced search you’ve been dreaming about


The search capabilities you need have arrived. Two important improvements to the workspace search feature are being released. The first extends your reach — now you can search beyond the title of a task. We call this improvements to Basic Search. In addition, you can search using specified criteria. Known as Keyword Search, the latter is more advanced, and we have included a set of instructions below.

Basic Search
Tasks, Labels, Notes, Attachments (File Name), Creator, Assigned By, Assigned To

Use quotes in the search field to narrow your results.


Keyword Search

  • title:’TASK TITLE’
  • status:’done’ ‘active’
  • deadline:’today, next week, 10/2/2011…’
  • star:’0 – 5’
  • starby:’NAME’
  • label:’KEYWORD IN LABEL’
  • note:’KEYWORD IN NOTE’
  • creator:’NAME’
  • assignedby:’NAME’
  • assignedto:’NAME’

To search mutliple keywords at a time leave a space, example:

status:’active’ star:’3’

Combined keyword search is comparable to a Smart Filter.

This more powerful functionality was requested two short months ago with the release of our new UI. A small group of advanced search beta testers have already given feedback on improving usability. As always, thanks for letting us know what we can do to make Producteev better!

Photo credit: mafleen


FAQ Payment Processing (video)

Any user can create unlimited workspaces. We charge according to the number of users on a workspace, and those with 3 or more people qualify for a Premium or Platinum plan.

To upgrade a team workspace:

  1. Go to Settings, near your avatar.
  2. Select the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Order one workspace OR buy a bundle of 2 or more workspaces.
  4. Enter credit card information and enter quantity of workspaces, if applicable.
  5. Click Continue to process your payment.

For more info on our plans, check out the pricing page or the following post about pricing. Feel free to send questions to contact[at]


FAQ Account Setup: Invitations (video)

Although account setup seems tricky at first, it is merely a matter of becoming familiar with your options. Here is more info on how to set up a team workspace.

Invite a team member/collaborator from the left sidebar via:

  • Add a person link
  • People tab (cog icon or Workspace Administration)

You can invite the following groups:

  • People on your contacts list (with whom you already share another workspace)
  • New people by entering their email address

If a team member/collaborator has trouble receiving an invitation, see this post about improvements just for admins.

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