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The Producteev Team’s Best Practices

While every team has their own way of doing things, there are some standard best practices to keep in mind:

 1. Establish naming conventions

To help keep things organized and easy to quickly find, we suggest you and your team establish and follow naming conventions for:


  • TIP: If you work cross-functionally, it might be helpful to name projects starting with the department abbreviation.


  • TIP: Use a short descriptive title, provide needed context in the notes section, and tag with a label(s) so that the task is associated to the appropriate category or workflow stage.


  • TIP: To keep the number of labels under control and searches simple and comprehensive, we suggest team leads own label creation and encourage team members to use pre-existing ones whenever possible.

2. Agree upon use cases

Who on your team should change due dates, move or delete tasks, revise assignees, etc. – or should this be up to each team member’s discretion? Figuring out and agreeing upon the usage of the following things could save everyone a headache down the road…

  • Creating/editing/deleting/moving:
    • Projects
    • Permissions
    • Tasks
    • Priority level
    • Assignees
    • Due dates
    • Reminders
    • Labels
    • Followers
    • Subtasks
    • Notes

*Helpful hint: action taken on all of these features will be tracked in the project’s activity feed and task’s audit trail.

3. Create processes

What types of tasks warrant high priority vs. high, medium, etc.? How should tasks move through workflow stages? When should projects be private vs. open? All of these questions + more are things we recommend teams work out as they get ramped up on Producteev. This will allow everyone to be their most organized, efficient, collaborative, productive, and GET WORK DONE TOGETHER – the better way.


How to Boost Morale When Your Team Is Around the World

Geo-dispersed teams have their perks — especially at technology companies, where it’s possible to get your work done from anywhere. The value proposition is a win-win. Leadership teams have access to top talent from anywhere in the world, and employees can even work poolside if they want.

The problem with geo-dispersed teams, however, is that the experience can feel lonely. No matter how you spin it, you’re all alone — you may have never met your colleagues, and you’re probably confined to your home office.

If you’re running (or managing) a geo-diverse teams, it’s absolutely crucial to boost employee morale by forging interpersonal relationships. Here are 5 tips for getting started.

Step 1: Incorporate plenty of face-time

Don’t do your calls on the phone — do them on video. On a high-definition screen, it’s almost like you’re talking face to face. Phone conversations can be awkward and clunky, especially if you and your team have never met in person.

The more that you can make eye contact and read one another’s facial expressions, the more of a human bond you’ll be able to build.

Step 2: Meet up in person

Plan a fun trip somewhere as a team. Even if you’re budget-strapped, it’s extremely important that you spend time together as a group. You don’t need to do this monthly or even quarterly — once or twice a year will suffice.

Step 3: Emulate coffee breaks

Force each other to take breaks. Talk about what’s happening in your lives beyond work. At the office, coffee breaks are powerful for getting to know one another. When you’re part of a virtual team, you don’t have the luxury of running into your office mates in the hall or kitchen. You need to force these moments.

Step 4: Bring your dog (or kids) to work

Seriously — bring your baby, puppy, or kitten to your next video meeting. ‘Cuteness’ always lightens the mood and functions as a powerful reminder that you all have awesome personal lives.

At some point in your life, you’ve probably bonded with a stranger on Reddit over a cat video. Imagine what real-life ‘cute overload’ will do for your next team meeting.

Step 5: Ask how people are feeling

Wondering whether your team members are feeling lonely? Don’t be afraid to ask. Regular 1:1 check-ins are an absolute must. In addition to talking about work, make sure to get a handle over how your team members are doing personally.

Encourage your team members to be completely open and honest. Make it known that each and every person is valued and won’t be penalized for giving constructive feedback.

Final Thoughts: Identify Gaps and Pain Points

Happiness doesn’t happen by accident. Your team needs to work towards it. Pinpoint specific things that your employees want to fix — and fix them.

What lessons have you learned from being a part of, managing, or leading a geo-diverse team? Share your thoughts as a comment below.


5 Helpful Tips for Managing a Project or Team Remotely

Welcome to the new age of co-working where teams are no longer geographically bound within office walls. We can now enjoy anywhere, anytime access to our team, projects and files thanks to the cloud. But the challenges of ensuring that  your team is meeting deadlines and your project stays within budget still exist no matter where you or your team are. Throw in language barriers, cultural differences, different time zones and increased difficulty in monitoring performance, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. With a little effort and understanding, your remote team can work as efficiently as your in-office team. Here’s how.

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Vines + Producteev = the perfect mix for a great vintage

With a part of the Producteev team born and raised in France and our new headquarters located in California, we have two good reasons to be like wine. When we heard that a little wine producer from the Napa Valley uses Producteev to monitor his vines and sell his bottles, we could not pas up the opportunity to discuss our two passions: wine and productivity!

Hello Greg Scheinfeld, could you tell us a little more about your company?

Uproot Wines is a small producer of high quality wines in the Napa Valley. We are currently making a Sauvignon Blanc and a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley, as well as a Grenache Blanc and Grenache from the Central Coast. All four wines are produced and bottled in Napa.

One of the more interesting things about our company is that we have designed a front label that has what we call a tasting color palette. This means that the color bars on the label correspond to how strong the wine is. We started our company about a year and a half ago and are growing.

What is your role at Uproot Wines?

As the founder of Uproot Wines, my role includes everything from paying the bills to selling the wine. The team is still quite small: Jay (my associate), his two assistants, and myself. Jay and I work closely on the phone and through Producteev to keep track of the different tasks that need to be done. Email, texts, and phone calls can only be so helpful. The Producteev dashboard has everything in the pipelines clearly laid out and is easy to keep updated.

How do you use Producteev?

Most of my work is done through the desktop application. I hardly use the website dashboard since the app is suited perfectly for what we need at Uproot. I actually think we under utilize the potential of the product. As Uproot grows, we will have the opportunity to utilize Producteev further.

What feature do you use the most?

We primarily use the deadline and the multi-channel notification features. We also use notes and the task list helps us to keep a running list of all the things in the pipeline that we need to accomplish. It also helps keep us stay accountable.

How did you manage your tasks before Producteev?

Managing our company has mostly been done through email and phone calls. It was difficult because employees lived in separate time zones. Thus far, Producteev has really helped us to stay on track.


They use Producteev to sublimate their commercials

M /studio is one of the most well known post-production facilities in Chile and a reference for commercials in the Latin American World. When we heard that they use Producteev to manage their projects, we couldn’t resist asking a few questions.



Hòlà compañeros, tell us a little you and your company.

My name is Fernando and I’m partner and general manager of M /studio, a video post production company. We mainly do advertising and we work with some prestigious clients like Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Colgate, Palmolive… I run the company on a daily basis when Guayi Mas our art director, is on the field trying to create spectacular effects for our client’s commercials.


How does Producteev help you to get those projects done? How do you use it on a daily basis?

We use Producteev to coordinate the process of post-production. Since the plans change every minute we need to keep everyone updated and to share information in real-time. A client changed his mind, a last minute revision… They’re always unexpected challenges in this business and Producteev has been really good to keep everyone updated with what they have to do in order to make the commercial great and the customer happier.

Give us your secret, what does your Producteev board looks like?

We use Producteev in a very special way. We only have a few projects running in the meantime and each project is short (5 days on average) and intense. So we use a common workspace for all the employees where we represent each client as a label and each project as task. Then, we use the notes to keep everyone updated on the next steps to follow. Using the notes allows us to send a notification by email to each employee as soon as something is moving on the project!


What feature do you use most in Producteev?

We mainly use the web app since we are always in the studio and we stay behind our computers for days when it is time to finish big projects. The feature we use the most is definitely the emails and the notifications by this channel.


How did you manage your tasks before you use Producteev?

I just put everything I could think about on a calendar or on my agenda and then I had to manually send emails to everyone to notify them. Finally, each employee had to recreate their own task-list on a piece of paper. Now with Producteev I can share all the information with the entire company, which is much more powerful and productive. I don’t have any doubt on the quality of our work, but this kind of tool helps us to be more organized and efficient.


Thank you for your time and stay Producteev!

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Yes, Producteev can help to find oil & gas

In the middle of a desert or on the north pole, the daily-job of Denis and his coworkers is to find oil & gas. When we found out that they use Producteev to manage these enormous projects, we definitely wanted to know more.


Hello Denis, tell us about you and your company.

I unfortunately can’t disclose all the details but we are a subsidiary of a Russian major oil & gas company operating on an exploration in Middle East: we’re looking for oil and maybe gas. We have lots of external stakeholders, such as a local government, Ministry of Natural Resources, our Parent Company, shareholders, partners, environmental organizations, etc. All of them interact with us on daily basis and we need to keep track of all incoming requests.


What are the roles of you and your team?

I’m the Finance Manager of the project. I supervise all finance operations, including accounting, budgeting, new business opportunities, etc. Our finance and commercial team is comprised of eight people including myself. We have three locations: Russia, the Netherlands, and Middle East. We’re lucky we have all people in our team very familiar with web-technologies, so implementing Producteev was easy.


How can Producteev help you?

We have a Business Analyst in our team, who manages all agendas and task tracking by working within Producteev. The Business Analyst encourages everyone to complete tasks, post notes explaining what has been done, checks late tasks, records tasks, and introduces new people on the project team (besides finance – geologists, IT, legal, HR) to Producteev. I personally conduct training sessions explaining to newcomers how to work with Producteev and I use it to post some simple tasks and notes on the go, which I populate with more detail when I’m at my desk.


What feature do you use most in Producteev?

I use activity reports and natural language task creation. Some of our colleagues find it convenient to work with emails to report on tasks and attach notes, while others like apps on Mac, iPhone, and Android.


How did you manage your tasks before you used Producteev?

Simple notebooks and basic Microsoft Outlook to-do lists, then Excel spreadsheet with columns: Task, Responsible, Planned Start Date, Actual Finish Date… But synchronizing everyone and making online modifications has been a problem. Then I saw Producteev online and showed it to my boss and our Business Analyst. The major driver for switch was the cross-platform availability. My boss signed off on using Producteev when he saw the notifications list on his Galaxy Note’s big screen.


At the end of the day are you a “my list is empty” person or more of an “okay, now I have to reschedule all those tasks for tomorrow” person?

I used to be a “have to clear out all inbox before end of day” person, but as the business’ pace increases – some tasks will span over more than one day and you just have to work with it with best tool you have available, and not clutter your head with many small things.


Thank you Denis and good luck with this giant project!


Producteev is now part of Jive Software! And why everyone wins.

We’re very excited to share some big news with you: Producteev has been acquired by Jive*, the leader in Social Enterprise Software.When we started Producteev four years ago, the vision was to improve the way people were tracking tasks by creating an open platform with lots of entry points for your personal or team to-dos. After many product iterations, we finally found our sweet spot in 2010, and started improving our service month after month. Slowly but surely, we became available on different platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac desktop, as well as e-mail and IM.

In a couple of years, with a little less than $1.8M in venture funding, Producteev has become one of the heavyweights in the Task Management space, with over 2,000 paying corporate accounts today and growing.We wanted to go way further, and start offering a lot more to our current customers. We’ve been working on a brand new version for a couple of months already, and believe me, it’s like nothing we’ve ever done before. Stay tuned on this.

We had a couple of options for the future, like raising a bigger round, but Jive approached us with a highly seducing one: “We love what you do, we love the product, join us, and we’ll give you more resources to build a real software leader”.After spending a lot of time with multiple teams at Jive, our conclusion was that they were the kind of smart and nice people we really wanted to work with, who understand where we’re going with Producteev.

NOTHING IS CHANGING, PRODUCTEEV WILL ONLY GET BETTER, FASTER.The good news: Producteev will be even stronger in the coming years, with more resources, with lots of amazing updates to the product, news apps (!!), and obviously, smart integration points to Jive, so you can collaborate with your team on more than tasks (think discussions, blogs, ideas, files…). Check out Jive’s cloud product here.

THANKSI want to take that opportunity to thank all of you, our users, friends, supporters, who have followed the journey. You were the ones giving us the strength to keep trying during the tough times, so thank you.
A big THANK YOU to our investors and advisors (Doug, Oleg, Pascal, Dan, Florian, Jeremie, Christian and Christophe, Arthur…), who supported me no matter what. We owe you a lot. To Aric, my co-founder and CTO (and brother-in-law): you’re the man. To my team (Arico, Je, Ju, Ish, Bruno) : I am so proud of all you guys, you brought us here, that’s what make me excited to continue this journey all together.

As for our team’s next step, we’re all going to Jive, and the majority of us (including myself), will be moving to Jive’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California.We’re now back full speed working on V4 preparing some big surprises for you.


Here’s Jive’s press release :…

*Jive is the pioneer and world’s leading provider of social business solutions. Our products apply powerful technology that helps people connect, communicate and collaborate to get more work done and solve their biggest business challenges. Millions of users and many of the world’s most successful companies rely on Jive day in and day out to get work done, serve their customers and stay ahead of their competitors.

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Find out how a Creative Agency uses Producteev to juggle their online presence for important clients


Daniel Atzil, 28 years old from Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Purple Interactive – Digital-Creative Agency.


“Two years ago me and two partners opened Purple Interactive, a leading digital-creative agency that manages the digital presence for some of the biggest brands in Israel. Malls, drug companies, car rental agencies, magazines, fashion brands and more. Recently we also started working with clients in the States and Europe.


Our specialty is the social arena and mainly Facebook, we build fan pages and promotional applications, manage all the content in the page and create campaigns that integrates offline and online.


We started out as three people with two clients, on a couch,  but soon enough we found ourselves moving the office for the third time and now we are 12 people and growing. We got more work but didn’t find the solution to manage and supervise all the tasks and projects. It was very clear to us that projects that aren’t majored are not managed properly, but we just didn’t find the right tool to do that. Then came Producteev and it changed our world!


Since we started using the product we increased our work and profit by almost 50 percent. It sounds crazy but it became an integral part of our staff everyday work. If you run a company but find it hard to keep up with all of your staff’s tasks this is the tool for you, it saves you time and money from day one.”


CEO @ilan Harnessing Multi-platform Integration

Team Spotlight: Ilan Abehassera — CEO, husband, father

fave features:

  • natural language processing
  • collaboration
  • priority

key benefits:

  • control of email based workflow
  • convenient access
  • high flexibility

In the past I’ve shared how you can use Producteev for your CRM needs, but this is what I am going to focus on now: how I use it in my daily workflow, focusing only on tasks.

Like a lot of you, I manage a great quantity of emails every single day. I personally hate that actionable emails sit on my inbox for ever, because there’s no way to rank them by priority or set deadlines.

Since I’ve been using Producteev in my work life, I simply forward those actionable items to and let Producteev do the rest. I use our natural language processing features a lot, and that saves me time and ranks those emails into my task list automatically.


One other reason why I am using Producteev on a daily basis is: shopping lists. Of course, we can use pen and paper, and lots of people are using emails… I use Producteev so my wife can create lists for me, I get it automatically on my iPhone when I am shopping, AND I check off what I am buying one by one. Works like a charm. Simple, and collaborative. Remember, you can collaborate with one other people on Producteev for free! So try it out by inviting someone to your workspaces.


Desktop & Web
The way I am updating Producteev is really as multi-platform as you can imagine, I use pretty much all of our integrations: IM, Email, iPhone, Google Apps and Gmail Gadget, and the Mac app (yes you’ll have it too!). At the end of the day, I use Producteev as my task dropbox, and when I get to the office, I simply open the desktop app (formerly the web app), rank my tasks by priority (because this is mostly the way I get things done), assign some of my tasks to teammates, and get cracking on that to-do list!

Bottom line, I don’t use all of our features, but I certainly harness the power of the platform we’re creating. Producteev gathers all my tasks across other tools I use, and then lets me access and track them no matter where I am working.


Managing a swift & beautiful user interface

Team Spotlight: Julien Rousseau — UI designer, front-end developer, pixel surgeon

fave features: 

  • separate workspaces
  • starring system
  • hot! tasks

key benefits:

  • effortless collaboration between Design & Development
  • keeping track of little details
  • rapid push

Producteev is my sidekick in our quest to build a sleek graphic interface. Design has sort of evolved to create user interfaces packed with little details. Beyond the inherent creativity, the design process now includes organization and structure, as implementation is being considered during product development. A task management application is essential for these purposes and in our case, Producteev improves the flow involved with design. 


A place for everything
We created workspaces for the developer team to integrate the user interface. At the moment, I’m working on the official Producteev Mac Desktop application. I share the workspace “Producteev/Mac” with a developer and our product manager. Tom, the developer, notifies me of missing elements. In turn, I ask him to tweak UI elements that need improvement. We do constant iteration on all of the UI elements, and the end result is a polished, sleeker interface.

Anytime we notice something that needs to be redesigned, we add the task in our Producteev workspace. This goes both ways, and no modifications are lost in translation. As an added safety, the product manager makes sure all tasks are completed and smashes every bug in sight. 

I prefer to focus on the tasks at hand and spend time designing (versus managing tasks), so I force myself to use only a handful of labels. I usually have between 5-8 in a workspace, and I try to make task titles get straight to the point. This way, I can do more in shorter time. 

Everything in its place
The starring system is the secret weapon of our slick interface and tells us what to do next. Tom adds 5-stars to all features currently in development. My job at that point is to design the feature and make sure Tom has all the elements in place so he can start work. Producteev keeps us totally in sync, and we don’t lose any time waiting on our partners to catch up.

I have a few ongoing projects with the rest of the developer team as well. I stay on top of them by watching my hot! tasks and completing to-dos by priority. For me, this works much better than setting deadlines!

The really awesome thing about our current project — the mac desktop app — is that the task list is getting shorter and shorter. It will soon be available for your viewing pleasure! ;)

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