Celebrate Freedom from Micromanagement

Freedom comes in all different forms, from independence of a country to independence at work. In the spirit of 4th of July this week, we wanted to highlight how Producteev can free you from micromanagement. Thanks to notification and tracking features, team members can work independently and (micro)managers can still oversee everything, but do so without bugging their team. Here’s how:

Ensure your team lead or micromanager of the group knows how to…

1. Click into a task to view details and review its activity “audit trail”


2. Check out the activity overview of all tasks within a project


3. Add themselves as followers to tasks they want to keep an eye on


4. Set up notifications



5. Sort and filter. Check out this post for all the tips and tricks: Get Work Done Together. — Hundreds of Ways to View Your Tasks

Then make it a habit to record and update all to-do items in Producteev and remind them to refer to X project when they have a question.

Have a happy Independence Day!

-The Producteev Team