Find out how a Creative Agency uses Producteev to juggle their online presence for important clients


Daniel Atzil, 28 years old from Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Purple Interactive – Digital-Creative Agency.


“Two years ago me and two partners opened Purple Interactive, a leading digital-creative agency that manages the digital presence for some of the biggest brands in Israel. Malls, drug companies, car rental agencies, magazines, fashion brands and more. Recently we also started working with clients in the States and Europe.


Our specialty is the social arena and mainly Facebook, we build fan pages and promotional applications, manage all the content in the page and create campaigns that integrates offline and online.


We started out as three people with two clients, on a couch,  but soon enough we found ourselves moving the office for the third time and now we are 12 people and growing. We got more work but didn’t find the solution to manage and supervise all the tasks and projects. It was very clear to us that projects that aren’t majored are not managed properly, but we just didn’t find the right tool to do that. Then came Producteev and it changed our world!


Since we started using the product we increased our work and profit by almost 50 percent. It sounds crazy but it became an integral part of our staff everyday work. If you run a company but find it hard to keep up with all of your staff’s tasks this is the tool for you, it saves you time and money from day one.”