How Knowledgeable Are You?

Think you’ve got Producteev down? Take this quiz to find out and check Facebook or Twitter on Monday 6/30 to see if you got them right!

  1. To attach files, I start by clicking on the notes section of a task
  2. I can chose to view all project or just projects I’m involved in
  3. Everyone in a network can see every project and task
  4. I am only allowed to create one Producteev network
  5. If I mention someone in a post they’ll receive the same notifications around task activity as followers
  6. Tasks cannot be moved
  7. I can forward an email to to turn it into a task
  8. If I change the due date of a task, no one will know
  9. I can sort tasks by their labels
  10. I can try Pro features free for 14 days