Hundreds of Ways to View Your Tasks

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of different ways you can view your and your teammates tasks in Producteev? That’s right. When you consider the various filter options, combinations, and the number of people and projects in your company network, lots of possibilities open up. Check it out – you can sort by:

1. Project to see all the tasks and people involved
2. Person to understand their workload, task progress and status
3. Label to view the tasks that fall into a specific category

4. Creator of tasks within a project
5. Title of the tasks, listed alphabetically
6. Priority so you can address starred tasks in order of importance
7. Deadline either ascending or descending by date
8. Creation date to view when tasks were entered and their current status
9. Last changed so you can see when updates were last made to a task

10. Task status



Active and Completed

Due today

Due this week


11. Task type

Assigned to me

Created by me

I’m following

With files attached

What filter(s) do you use most?

Until next time,

The Producteev Team

  • Sassoon12

    the screenshots show the ability to sort with 3 criteria. The web app only has one. Am I missing something ?

  • J.D. Wesley

    How do you edit Task Status…the screen shots above show that you can but I don’t see this on the web version? Also, how do you use the “Task started” and “Task Paused” indicators? There’s nowhere (that I can see) where you can start or pause a task but you can search using this status?

  • Deanna

    Anyone know how to make a set of tasks default into each project?

  • mattsh

    Is there a way to view ALL tasks without any project specific assignment, label or category??