Make the World a Better Place: Be a Translating Hero


Our translating heroes are helping to make the world more productive, one language at a time. In case you haven’t heard, we had a recent launch in German.

Here’s a look at other languages and their statuses:

  • Portuguese: done
  • Japanese: done
  • Spanish: editing phase
  • French: final translations and edits
  • Arabic: team is working
  • Chinese: team is working


  • Russian: started, recruiting translating heroes
  • Dutch: started, recruiting translating heroes
  • Polish: started, recruiting translating heroes
  • Indonesian: started, recruiting translating heroes
  • Greek: started, recruiting translating heroes

If you’d like to assist, please write to support at The developers are gradually deploying languages, stay tuned on our blog for release information!

We are so thankful for our heroes!

Photo credit: Lee and Mary

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