All New Calendar View & More!

After numerous requests, votes and inquiries, we are very excited to announce the release of new features for our web app: The long awaited calendar view plus new ways to sort and show task status. We’ve also implemented an announcement system (you’ll see this when you open any of your installed Producteev apps) to keep you “in the know” when updates happen. Check it out!

Instead of just incomplete and complete status, you can now mark tasks as “in progress” or “paused.”


Sort using a simplified menu with task count based on status and filters (people, project, label, or time period).


And toggle to calendar view with a simple click to see tasks due by month, week or day. Plus task details when you click on a task.


What’s more – creating tasks has never been easier, it’s easier than playing video games with EloBoost services. All you have to do is click on the day you want the task completed, type it in and hit enter. Want to re-schedule a task? No problem! Just drag and drop the task to a new day to change the due date.


You can also toggle over to the activity feed in the same view control bar to look at an overview of changes made to tasks in that project.


And that’s the overview! We hope you enjoy, and look forward to hearing how you like the new functionality.


The Producteev Team

  • Carlos

    The new status options (Paused & In Progress) are a welcome addition. Calendar view for rearranging tasks is also pretty useful. I am looking forward to these updates being rolled out to the Android platform.

  • Aditya Manthena

    Please add facility to add Sub-Projects (Nested Projects) and hoping to see a Windows Phone and Windows 8 Metro app soon.

    • Carlos

      @adityamanthena:disqus Sub Projects for Producteev – Great Idea :)

  • Lawrence

    This is great!

  • angelbolanose

    Are these updates coming to the app for the Mac and iphone?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Logan Schmidt

      We really need this, if someone from producteev can reply that would be great!

  • Markus Schlussmeier

    Great new features, really! Thanks a lot! I second very much the facility of sub tasks. This is something i miss very much and would very much appreciate.
    It also would be fine to move tasks per Drag and Drop, for example to make one task the subtask of another.

  • Joseph Jabin

    please add a facility like “poke” in facebook, so that I can poke my team mates for some task if they are not responding to it or running late on it. Thanks in advance.

  • sebastien

    Calendar view is a very very very GOOD thing !! :-)
    But I have some problem.. in Month et Day mode, my tasks for today doesn’t appear, the are here only in week mode… is there a bug ?

  • Guest

    (very very very GOOD thing) :)

  • Gonzalo Robles Gil

    Thank you. Very good.
    What we really miss very very much is the ability to answer an email directly from our email client knowing the program will add our comment to the task and email task followers.
    It is a big hassle having to access the task to add a comment.
    I hope you guys are working on this.

  • Loren Ambrose

    Calendar function is great. The one fatal flaw is that it seems that ANYBODY in the group can just re-schedule any task. This throws accountability right out the window. The group admin or the task creator should be the only ones with the ability to change any task parameters.

    • Kristen

      Enhanced admin rights would be very beneficial, especially when it comes to locking in due dates and labels.

  • Tobias Laubscher

    This Update is a great thing, I´ve got a small feature request according to it.

    Please make it possible to save the sorting order for each quick view separately.

    For example:
    Active Tasks (Deadline – Desc)
    Completed Tasks (Last Changed – Desc)

  • Cristian

    Great updating!! could you add a report for timing used in a project, subtask and member..would be great to control equipment efficiency !! tkx

  • Björn Madman Kraft

    Greate features!

    Can the following be added as well?
    In Progress / Progress paused is shown under Activitiy.
    USER created task TASK is shown under Activity
    Posibilty to set In progress / Progress pause directly from Task list

  • Lieven Vandeperre

    I’m not 100% sure, but i tought i used to be able to filter my tasks based on labels, and i’m unable to do so now, or am i overlooking something? We were planning to use producteev to track tasks within a software development project for a school and using labels (like ‘in development”, “ready for code-read”, etc…). to be able to track all the small tasks the students would do, label filtering would be very handy to have so i could just filter on ‘ready for code-read’ and know right away which tasks i should be evaluating.

    Am i missing something or is there a way to get the old overview back orare their plans to re-implement this very handy feature?

  • Pedro Cassian

    hope the new calendar feature
    comes to the mac app store version soon

    • Logan Schmidt

      We really need this, we hope so as well.

  • Tori Chao

    I just start using Producteev and I really like it. It only took a few minutes for me to get familiar with the tool. The only problem is the priority. To me, the start icon doesn’t make sense, because it means “mark” to me. Maybe rethink about the icon for priority. Keep the work!

    • Tori Chao

      the STAR icon, sorry for typo

  • Mahdi

    Dear sir/madam,

    First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you infinite thanks(!) for your masterpiece, Producteev!

    I am a college student, also working out of university in web development, also working with some industrial groups… totally, I have a very complex life, and by myself tested most famous services in similar categories… I’m sure you are the best (instead of interesting free plan)…

    Also I have a suggestion: most of people have three type of todo things: tasks todo once or repeatedly, tasks by time (which you recently added calendar – very helpful), and tasks which are repeated but not like the first one.

    the recent todo type we call habits, or routines; and I feel its missing space very strongly, in such a complete galaxy of features.

    If in the system you define a simple evaluating item, as an advanced feature beside setting the task to completed status, you passed half of the way.

    the other half is simply to show a report of how the task evaluated, by the person or others…

    that’s it all…

    you did something similar in priority feature for each task…

    another note is that I don’t mean you make the main dashboard complex, this feature could be in each task page which appears in the right pane…

    thank you so much, out of word…



  • Todd Ouellette

    We REALLY need to be able to sort Task by the “Assigned to” field. Seems crazy that this is not an available sort option??? Am I missing something?

    • Josh Frauenfelder


  • Gabriele Carteni

    Hi, is it possible to add tags/labels into the posts?

  • Adam

    This system is perfect. It’s just missing 2 minor things.

    1. Ability to split tasks up in to sections. So section heading could be “Design”, and I could assigned tasks under it.

    2. The ‘play n pause’ is great, but it MUST tell me how much time i’ve just spent on the task. This is quite essential to a lot of people.

  • inmyopinion

    This is really valuable!

  • Sulyman Alani

    I am just wondering if there is a way to show the task only for the assigned people ?

  • Anna Simmons

    Any way to easily print the calendar?

  • Zoe Abbey

    Hi there,
    Its a very helpful update. It helped our company in managing schedules. But I am not sure that if it is available for iPhone or not.

  • John

    Did Jive decided to abonded Producteev?
    Will there be future web & iOS updates?
    Apple Watch App?

  • Niko

    I am a huge fan of producteev. One request I have is an option to turn the follower function off completely. For us it is a bit like the old email CC, which serves no purpose other than to create notifications.

  • Patrick Perez

    Love the calendar functionality.

  • Francois Bergeron

    Is it planned to include a ‘released’ status. In our case, more than one user interact with the task, the owner and the the reviewer who needs to know when a task is ready to be reviewed.
    Otherwise it is a very sweet tool

  • Sunny Rai

    There has been no updates since 2014. we are getting to 2016, is someone still there on the producteev team? I hope this project is not going away, it has been an amazing application.

  • Vitaly Zdanevich

    At month view we not see in progress this task or not

  • Vitaly Zdanevich

    And please make Chrome app – I just need the link for Chrome OS at taskbar and also you can make app as app (not as link) so this can work offline.

  • Vitaly Zdanevich

    I need to hide left sidebar to see full names of my tasks

  • Akanksha

    Hey there. Producteev makes it to #2 in VenturePact’s compilation of Top 10 Free Project Management tools for Startups and Small Businesses. Check out the infographic and let us know what you think

  • Menta Balena

    Hey, i love Producteev but I can’t use the APP on my Mac: it crashes :(
    Since I installed El Captain 10.11.1
    Pleeeeease help :)

  • victor kh

    Thank you so much. I saw the status In Progress and Paused, but was looking to find how to activate them. Until i read this here today… I am so happy with tears in my eyes. Great features, would help a lot. From a new victim user who fell in love with Producteev! ;-)

  • Thibaut Mauron

    Hello, I’m trying to Sign Up since Saturday, it always says “Sign Up disabled” does anyone else has the same issue? I would like to test it, but it’s not working…

  • MrMoN
  • MrMoN
  • Piotr Borys

    This is off-topic, but it would be great to have colours palette and simple font adjusting like bold, italic, etc. and also source code formatting (php, etc.) in EEV task comments.

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  • BondashMaster

    Is there a way to configure Producteev in spanish or portuguese for a member based in her profile?
    Thanks in advance.

  • rmljr

    This app crashes my windows 8.1 OS


  • Zazhigin Aleksey

    It was the greatest app. Hate Jira for buying Producteeve.