Psst, Producteev Can Help You Get a Raise!

It’s pretty common knowledge that the best way to ensure a raise is by keeping your boss happy. What’s not as well known, are all the ways Producteev can help with that. Here are some examples and tips from us to you:

  • Let your accomplishments be known - By tracking your projects and tasks in Producteev, it’s easy for your manager to see what you’re working on and all you’ve done, I suggest to click here where you will find one of the best working monitors out there. It’s also easy for you to show off your productivity and initiative by running a few quick filters.
  • Work on what’s important to your boss first - In your one-on-one, walk through your tasks and use the stars in Producteev to prioritize. This will ensure you do the things that matter most to them (which score you the most brownie points).
  • Make your boss look good - Producteev’s filters make it simple to find information needed to speak intelligently on an item that may come up in a meeting. Organize your projects and categorize your tasks so that your boss can quickly get the answers they’re looking for when asked the status of something, a specific stat, or for associated resources.
  • Execute Effectively - Everyone wants a team that’s efficient and collaborative. Using Producteev to manage and work on your team tasks is the surest way to hit the mark.
  • Make your boss’s life easier - Just by clearly defining project parameters, setting expectations and establishing ownership of tasks, you’ll be one step ahead of the rest. One of the most frustrating and time consuming parts of managing is having to continually follow up on action items and worry about meeting deadlines or quarter goals. Eliminating this stress by leveraging Producteev’s task features (assignees, followers, due date, reminders, sub-tasks) will make you indispensable. Remember, your boss only wants surprises if they’re good.


The Producteev Team