Q & A: How a team of 6 designers tracks hundreds of tasks a week with Producteev


Matthew Wheatley works at Luvkins Graphica, an ideas driven digital design agency based in Sydney, Australia. They recommend Producteev to any design team and thank our developers for lowering  their blood pressure dramatically.

Q: How do you use Producteev?
 As prisoners of a tiny office with no windows, our team of 6 spend endless hours collaborating and working on graphic design and web design for clients such as Pizza Hut, KFC, clubs and pubs throughout Australia. While our clients and work always come first, our team and culture is a close second. We do what we do because we love it, hence we make our work what we love. This includes playing xBox, watching cable and eating absolute rubbish while on lockdown. In a nutshell, Luvkins Graphica services companies large or small, focusing heavily on providing smaller businesses the opportunity to access a creative agency for their marketing needs.

We use Producteev all day every day from client tasks to personal tasks using a single workspace rather than multiple workspaces since our jobs are often short in duration. We simply label each task in Producteev with a job number and name that references to the job folder on our server. (Our job number is also referenced to its own notebook in Evernote which enables us to look up artwork thumbnails quickly especially with archived jobs.)
We simplify and breakdown each task [similar to the GTD method] such as “send invoice” or “confirm artwork is ok” and maintain tasks by the hour, re-assigning dates and times where necessary. While on the road or visiting clients, we add tasks via iPhone or iPad and have most recently applauded the Google Apps plugin for creating a task directly from email, which saves enormous amounts of time when clients send feedback.
Q: Describe your experience with Producteev.
With my brain starting to go crazy with tracking jobs, we needed a task manager that was:
  1. Simple and convenient to use especially when adding tasks (other task managers took just as long to create the task as it would to complete it)
  2. Web / iPhone / iPad compatible for accessibility
  3. Cool looking, or at least half cool!
  4. Able to work with our workflow and not the other way around
  5. Keeping all users tasks synced automatically
  6. Accepted by our programming team as “Good Enough”

*The sixth was the most important.

After sifting through dozens and dozens of Task Management tools and then some, we were very fortunate enough to come across Producteev. Not only has Producteev ticked all the boxes, our grumpiest programmer Nathan actually uses it. We couldn’t even get him to register to the others! Producteev has freed our brains from tracking hundreds of tasks a week and is our most valued tool (apart from the xBox controller).
Overall, Producteev is the engine of our office, and we are amazed at how productive and efficient it has made Luvkins Graphica. No pun intended! To the Producteev Team, we thank you.
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