Q & A: How Producteev helps a consulting company come together across departments

Nuezra is a privately held, self-funded company that provides IT support and consulting for businesses. Founded in 2004, it works with companies of all sizes and specializes in meeting the needs of its customers through end-to-end solution services. Nuezra prides itself on implementing a mix of creativity, innovation, and technology in its consulting.
Neha Lodha is a marketing manager.
How do you use Producteev?
Neha: A team member heard about Producteev through one of the social networks and started using it for personal use. It was soon brought to the attention of the company that it could be utilized as a task manager across all departments. It has completely changed the way our office works. We are a rapidly growing company, and we use Producteev to optimize team collaboration and communication.
We belong to various groups, and Producteev helps us view and complete tasks simultaneously. For example, our sales coordinator sometimes has to work directly with our accounting department. It makes it more efficient for them to join the same workspace and interact with each other’s tasks. Seeing as to how our roles sometimes overlap, it makes more sense for our us to work together on different tasks between related departments.
Also, Producteev allows us to be more efficient by attaching documents straight into the program SalesForce. By doing this we are able to not only save time, but utilize and document multiple needs of different programs. We love its flexibility of integration!

Describe your experience with Producteev.
Neha: As a manager, Producteev is a great resource and helps me keep track of where people are on certain assignments, without the need to follow up personally. The team can quickly indicate the steps they’ve achieved towards a project’s completion. Not to mention, Producteev’s design makes it very user friendly. It has easy to read labels and straight forward tabs.
Viewing due dates on tasks and their level of importance are easily accessible. The overall layout makes it convenient to find important information and locate assignments, whether they’re assigned to the individual searching for them or to other team members. Producteev’s intuitive navigation makes it simple for new team members to rapidly learn how to use the program. Again, as an expanding company, this is very useful!
Everyone has different forms of managing a task, how they balance taks lists and calendars. Producteev conforms to an individual’s work style. For instance, sone of us complete tasks using the Getting Things Done (GTD)methodology. We define what needs to be accomplished, make it tangible by inputing it into Producteev, delegate it, assign the time required for completion, and provide the resources needed.
When team members are out to meetings and receive important emails, they take advantage of the mail2task feature and easily transfer assignments just by emailing them.Producteev has truly been a great asset for our company because of its many features. It has really helped our business, and we are now able to stay organized and on top, like never before. It offers our entire office one central place where we are all able to check in and make noticeable progress, both inter-departmentally and on the go.


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