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[HOWTO] Import Toodledo Tasks to Producteev (you need an Android device)

[Thanks A LOT to Lee Gooding for providing that excellent tutorial on our Support Center, let’s give him the stage!]

This isn’t so much an idea, as a way to import tasks from Toodledo. I have about 100 tasks in my Toodledo account and I wanted to move them over to Producteev. It took me about 15 minutes.

I have tested this with the Android version of Astrid.

Step 1:

Download and install TaskUnifier (http://www.taskunifier.com/)

Step 2:

Add the Toodledo sync plugin, and the Google Tasks publish plugin available for FREE for TaskUnifier.

Step 3: 

Sync TaskUnifier with your Toodledo account

Step 4:

Publish your newly synced tasks to your Google Tasks (using the TaskUnifier publish plugin)

Step 5:

Install Astrid for your mobile device (Android). Setup syncing with Astrid.com and Google Tasks. DO NOT SETUP PRODUCTEEV YET.

Step 6 (this may not be necessary):

Once your Google tasks have been synced to Astrid, you can go ahead and remove the connection to Google.

Sync with Astrid. Login to the web version Astrid and you should see all your Toodledo tasks now in Astrid.

Step 7:

Add your Producteev account to the Astrid mobile app.

NOTE: If you already had a producteev link then you must remove the connection to reset sync data, otherwise this will not work.

Once you have added your login info, it will sync automatically.

Step 8:

Check your Producteev account. All your Toodledo tasks should now be imported!

I really hope this helps some of you!

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Producteev *Featured 3rd Party App: OneTask


OneTask – a new app to help you focus on one task at a time (think Pomodoro technique) – now syncs with Producteev. Put an end to the misleading myth of multi-tasking! Start one-tasking with OneTask & Producteev, to help you focus and get things done one priority at a time. ;)

See the complete list of integrations on our Directory of 3rd Party Applications. And if you’re a dev, hurry up and code something for our 2nd Annual API Contest. One week to the deadline is no hurdle for a hardcore hacker!

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Directory of Producteev 3rd Party Applications


Photo credit: Ryan Cain

The founders are off enjoying Google IO – the geekiest event ever. To celebrate and to kick off our 2nd Developer Throwdown, an API contest running through June, we’re compiling a list of all Producteev applications. To complete the directory, let us know which Producteev integrations we should add! You can also help us win a glorious prize at Google IO by voting for our short form video. Cheers!

*iGoogle gadget

*Contextual gadget

*iPhone app

Chrome extension

Opera extension


Task List Pro



MPM mobile project manager

Target Date


*App designed in-house


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