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Got ideas? How to use Producteev this summer


We’ve been focusing a lot on online collaboration and team task management, and we’ve got a few more lined up this month.

This summer, however, is going to be all about personal productivity and creative, individual and family use cases. Michele K. actually does use Producteev as a packing list and to check off items in preparation for travel.

You may have a really neat way to organize to-dos on Producteev. Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear your ideas!


Unleash Your Inner Guru: earn swag and account credits!


Photo credit: Mocodragon

If you’re using Producteev, you’re probably a productivity guru. Perhaps you’re so busy multi-tasking that you’re not even aware of it!

Here are some signs of the Inner Guru:

  • You know the ins & outs of the web app, including what a Smart Filter is
  • You use Producteev on multiple platforms or devices
  • You have your own unique system for getting things done
  • You are simply awesome at task management

If this is you, we want to help share your infinite wisdom with the community. Add an article to the Productivity Gurus forum.

The five best entries this month get free swag and account credits.


Community members can indicate an article was helpful by giving the Thumb’s Up. Don’t be shy, Unleash Your Inner Guru. Hurry, while Producteev swag lasts!



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Other than the office, where do YOU get things done?

Work happens. More and more often, it’s happening in “non-traditional” places. That’s why we built a platform to help manage your to-dos anywhere.

Out of curiosity, where do you feel the most productive? Feel free to let us know if it’s some other exotic location.

a fancy cafe


Ellie Yannis

a living room that’s feng shui


Hessie Bell

a library or study


Susan Astray

in business or first class


Plak Boek

a comp’d hotel room


James Yu

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Make the World a Better Place: Be a Translating Hero


Our translating heroes are helping to make the world more productive, one language at a time. In case you haven’t heard, we had a recent launch in German.

Here’s a look at other languages and their statuses:

  • Portuguese: done
  • Japanese: done
  • Spanish: editing phase
  • French: final translations and edits
  • Arabic: team is working
  • Chinese: team is working


  • Russian: started, recruiting translating heroes
  • Dutch: started, recruiting translating heroes
  • Polish: started, recruiting translating heroes
  • Indonesian: started, recruiting translating heroes
  • Greek: started, recruiting translating heroes

If you’d like to assist, please write to support at producteev.com. The developers are gradually deploying languages, stay tuned on our blog for release information!

We are so thankful for our heroes!

Photo credit: Lee and Mary

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Results In-House Developer Challenge, Cast Your Vote Today!

The results of our one-week In-House Developer Challenge are in! You now have two new apps to enjoy! Take a look at our entries and let us know which entry you think deserves the gift card prize.

Firefox Gmail plugin
Once installed, creating tasks from emails is easy. With one click of the plugin, a task will be created from the selected email. The subject line will be the task title and all opened email conversations will be task notes. As an added bonus, you can access your gmail from the task details! Just look for the link to go back to your gmail, and that way you can immediately reply to the sender!
To install
Restart firefox
Select a gmail conversation and add tasks with the newly installed plugin
Quick Add Bookmarklet
Now from any browser and any web page, conveniently add tasks using our quick add bookmarklet. Features include adding a task,



 selecting a workspace, assigning to an individual, setting a label, setting a priority, as well as including deadline and reminder information.
To install
Drag the “Add to PDT!” link to your bookmarks bar


Click on the bookmark from any website to add tasks
Submit your vote for the In-House Developer Challenge winner by Sunday, September 12, 2010 to have your vote count!
Only votes placed under the blog comments will be considered. 

One vote per person, please!

Example Vote: Gmail plugin

Fantastic: Producteev Beaver’s New Name is Tasky!

Congratulations to Alexandre Delivet (@adelivet) who named the Producteev beaver “Tasky” and won a recent Facebook fanpage contest.


If you missed out, no sweat! More fun activities and t-shirt giveaways coming soon!

Thank you to all our fans who participated.

Try Tasky, your virtual personal assistant that talks the way you do, today! Learn more about Natural Language Processing on Producteev.

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Name the Beaver on our Facebook fan page & win 2 T-shirts!

Now that the Producteev beaver is practically human with Natural Language Processing, we thought it was appropriate to give the beaver a name!

But we need your input, so please take part in the Name the Beaver Contest on our Facebook fan page.


The winner will receive 2 Producteev I <3 NY tees. Click to view photo

Anyone can submit a name, just comment on the Name the Beaver Contest in facebook with the name you suggest. The entry with the most “likes” at noon EST Monday, August 9th gets the tees. (You can share that you “like” a comment in facebook with the thumbs up icon.)

Invite your friends to “like” your name suggestion on the fan page as well! Thank you helping us find the perfect beaver name!

Producteev is your task & to-do app, sign up for a free account today!