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Managing a swift & beautiful user interface

Team Spotlight: Julien Rousseau — UI designer, front-end developer, pixel surgeon

fave features: 

  • separate workspaces
  • starring system
  • hot! tasks

key benefits:

  • effortless collaboration between Design & Development
  • keeping track of little details
  • rapid push

Producteev is my sidekick in our quest to build a sleek graphic interface. Design has sort of evolved to create user interfaces packed with little details. Beyond the inherent creativity, the design process now includes organization and structure, as implementation is being considered during product development. A task management application is essential for these purposes and in our case, Producteev improves the flow involved with design. 


A place for everything
We created workspaces for the developer team to integrate the user interface. At the moment, I’m working on the official Producteev Mac Desktop application. I share the workspace “Producteev/Mac” with a developer and our product manager. Tom, the developer, notifies me of missing elements. In turn, I ask him to tweak UI elements that need improvement. We do constant iteration on all of the UI elements, and the end result is a polished, sleeker interface.

Anytime we notice something that needs to be redesigned, we add the task in our Producteev workspace. This goes both ways, and no modifications are lost in translation. As an added safety, the product manager makes sure all tasks are completed and smashes every bug in sight. 

I prefer to focus on the tasks at hand and spend time designing (versus managing tasks), so I force myself to use only a handful of labels. I usually have between 5-8 in a workspace, and I try to make task titles get straight to the point. This way, I can do more in shorter time. 

Everything in its place
The starring system is the secret weapon of our slick interface and tells us what to do next. Tom adds 5-stars to all features currently in development. My job at that point is to design the feature and make sure Tom has all the elements in place so he can start work. Producteev keeps us totally in sync, and we don’t lose any time waiting on our partners to catch up.

I have a few ongoing projects with the rest of the developer team as well. I stay on top of them by watching my hot! tasks and completing to-dos by priority. For me, this works much better than setting deadlines!

The really awesome thing about our current project — the mac desktop app — is that the task list is getting shorter and shorter. It will soon be available for your viewing pleasure! ;)

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Throwdown for Designers: Prizes, New Swag

T-Shirt Design Contest. Win prizes doing what you love. 


The Challenge
Last year, we were tapped to power the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield application process. This year, we are honored to power applications at Tech Crunch Disrupt, New York.

Like last year, we need to represent in style and are looking for a sweet t-shirt design that will help us stand out and get noticed at the 3-day event.

1st Place: free annual subscription to Producteev ($240 value) and four t-shirts for friends and family. Most importantly, your t-shirt design will be the official 2011 Producteev Disrupt Tee, worn by the team.

2nd Place: free six-month subscription to Producteev ($120 value) and two t-shirts.


  • Must be 18 years or older to participate.
  • T-Shirt art must be original, printable, and actual size.
  • Art must be emailed to apply@producteev.com and files must contain participant’s name.
  • Entries must be received by 12 am PDT Friday, April 22, 2011.
  • Winners will be selected by the Producteev team and community and announced on May 1, 2011.
  • Contestants grant Producteev right, title and interest in creation, and Producteev maintains the right to freely publish submissions without renumeration.

Download logos to get started. Looking forward to seeing what’s up your sleeve! ;)


To learn more, check out this awesome video of TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco. Apply to compete as a startup at http://disrupt.producteev.com.

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