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Update on the Producteev Developer Challenge

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you guys know that we’re postponing the deadline to submit your app for our Developer Challenge to December 6th.

We haven’t received enough submissions just yet, but we have some great ideas being worked on as we speak, so we’d like to give everyone a chance to submit their app on time.

In the meantime, here are a few ideas for developers who want to participate but don’t really know what they could work on:

- A browser extension that lets you create a task out of a web page

- A browser extension that lets you track time spent on a task, and add it to Producteev as a note to the task.

- A github issue sync with Producteev

- Calendar sync : Gcal, CalDav…

- Windows Phone client

- Simple app (mobile or not) that lets you see your Producteev tasks due today, or your most important tasks, one day at a time.

- Integration with Evernote.

Good luck all!

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The 2013 Producteev Developer Challenge: Bake tasks into your apps!

We’ve just launched our brand new RESTful API, and we’re very proud of it.

For the record, we, at Producteev, are using our own public APIs to build our apps, so this API will be supported and maintained for a long time to come.

You can basically pull any kind of Producteev datas and retrieve them inside your apps.

Producteev being completely FREE, you should think about integrating Producteev into your email, calendar, CRM, productivity apps, so you don’t have to build those features and delight your users with an integration from one of the leading task management platforms out there.

To give you even more incentives to build things with Producteev, we’re launching a Developer Challenge, your apps are due on October, 18th, and winners will be announced at Jive World 2013 in Las Vegas.

More info on the Challenge here : https://producteev.com/developers, our new documentation here: https://producteev.com/api/doc/.

GET TO IT, and impress us!

Good luck all!

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Some of Producteev’s Developers working hard!


From left to right:  Aric, Jerome, Julien and Ismael



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Deadlines? What deadlines? We’re developers! ;) Interview with @csuwldcat of @mozlabs

Producteev is way better than RTM! 

Pretty much ;) One year ago, that’s what they said!



Like his t-shirt gives away, Daniel Buchner is a developer with heart! He currently works at Mozilla as a product manager, is married, has a pet dog, and goes mountain biking for fun.

Daniel manages his entire workflow on Producteev, which at the moment includes the supervision of three engineers. He also takes advantage of our multiple workspaces feature and is hacking away on a fancy side project. Shhh, it’s in stealth mode!

As a devoted product manager, he admits to occasionally being behind on deadlines. His advice for staying on track, in spite of minor setbacks?

When a task is late, don’t just ignore it. Change the deadline, and write the reason(s) why in the notes. 

Good call, Dan! He adds:

Producteev really has the right set of features for developers! It’s way better than RTM, in my opinion. Especially how it’s organized. The UI, sidebar, filter….are all great details! There’s a decent set of standard features. 

Daniel, like many of you, is a Google and Android fanboy. Here at HQ, we’re working on building even better Google integrations, as well as finishing that native Android app! The latter of which includes deadline modification notations. :)

Stay tuned for another exciting product manager story, with our very own Stephane!

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thanks to every developer that entered our API contest!


Thanks for participating in our developer throwdown! The deadline has arrived, so we’ve now closed the floodgates. Tasky, the beaver, is busy taking a look at the apps, but we’ll make sure that he posts them next week when you’ll be able to vote on them. Thanks again for participating and we hope that you’ll keep developing on top of our API even though the contest is over – there’s a lot of community-requested apps we could use your help with!

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Five days til we call “time!” To enter to win the Developer Throwdown, be sure to get your apps submitted by midnight PDT on Monday, June 20, 2011!

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Producteev *Featured 3rd Party App: OneTask


OneTask – a new app to help you focus on one task at a time (think Pomodoro technique) – now syncs with Producteev. Put an end to the misleading myth of multi-tasking! Start one-tasking with OneTask & Producteev, to help you focus and get things done one priority at a time. ;)

See the complete list of integrations on our Directory of 3rd Party Applications. And if you’re a dev, hurry up and code something for our 2nd Annual API Contest. One week to the deadline is no hurdle for a hardcore hacker!

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Founders @lasryaric & @ilan at Google I/O, come visit Developer Sandbox


As mentioned in yesterday’s blogpost , the founders are wheeling and dealing at Google I/O this week. It’s pretty fancy, the developer sandbox especially, which is by invitation only and limited to about 100 developers from around the world. You can find the Producteev booth in the Google Apps section (map). Definitely say “hey” if you’re around!

Tune into CEO Ilan Abehassera giving a speech at 4:30pm PDT on Wednesday. Access the live stream here: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/04/bringing-google-io-direct-to-you-with.html.

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Directory of Producteev 3rd Party Applications


Photo credit: Ryan Cain

The founders are off enjoying Google IO – the geekiest event ever. To celebrate and to kick off our 2nd Developer Throwdown, an API contest running through June, we’re compiling a list of all Producteev applications. To complete the directory, let us know which Producteev integrations we should add! You can also help us win a glorious prize at Google IO by voting for our short form video. Cheers!

*iGoogle gadget

*Contextual gadget

*iPhone app

Chrome extension

Opera extension


Task List Pro



MPM mobile project manager

Target Date


*App designed in-house


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Announcing 1st & 2nd Place Winners of Developer Throwdown


First of all, thank you to all of the developers who participated in the first ever Developer Throwdown! We received some very cool apps submissions! It wasn’t easy, but the web entrepreneurs serving as judges have decided.

Out of over 53 participants, we’re proud to announce the winners of this developer challenge:

1st Place $2500
Voice2Teev, a voice recognition app that works with Android

2nd Place $1000
Blackberry app, allowing you to stay in sync on your Blackberry device

Congrats to the developers with the winning entries!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these new additions, and we’ll officially release them momentarily.

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