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Turn your emails into action!

Whether you use Outlook or a trendy mail client like Sparrow or directly Gmail, the statement holds true: emails are overwhelming. It results in a critical loss of productivity for employees and managers alike. What would happen if you turn this old tool into the most actionable piece of work? A task. Give it a try by starting to forward your actionable emails to task@producteev.com. This will help you will keep the conversation with your team in the right place, out of your email inbox.


From an email to a task, in a single forward


If you want to create a new task from scratch or to transform an existing email into a task the process is always the same: you send an email to task@producteev.com. You can send from your main address (the one you used to register on Producteev) and from any email address you own, as long as you register those in your account’s settings.

By default the title of your email will become the title of your task. Producteev will help you to go further into the action, by using the Natural Language Processing in the subject field you’re able to create a deadline and name the person who is responsible.

The actionable conversation



Once you have set the title of your future task and its assets, it’s time to edit your first note. The body of your email will be considered as the first note, including the attachments (remember all you can do with your docs on Producteev?). The icing on the cake is that you can also mention members of your team using the @ in the body of your email so they will be added as followers to the new task, and notified that they have a role to play! Now you only need to move the conversation in the right place and to let your collaborators move forward.

Turn the good emails into actionable tasks to create a better way to communicate and get things done.

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How to Write a Mail to Task


Created by: Carolyn

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Announcing Email Sync: Outlook Plugin & Google Tasks Sync [UPDATE: NO LONGER AVAILABLE]


[UPDATE DEC 18, 2012]: This is no longer available, but two features we planned to bring back at some point.

We’re launching two-way task sync for both Outlook To-Dos and Google Tasks, which are linked to the top two email clients out there! Are you jumping for joy right now!?

View feature specifications, download & install, and watch video tutorials at:

Here are some brief notes on installation:

Once the Outlook Plugin is installed, go to your Outlook Tasks. To the right of the Producteev tab, select settings. Enter your Producteev credentials and log in. Adjusting other settings are optional (sync frequency and direction). The important thing to note is that changing which workspace is synced can be accessed on this tab. Press sync on Outlook to force sync. Refresh the task list on Producteev to sync.

Connecting Google Tasks Sync is easy. From your Producteev workspace in the left sidebar, select Workspace Administration and the Email/IM tab. Scroll down to Google Tasks (immediately after Google Calendar), and hit connect. Grant access to Google, and you’re set! Refresh the task lists to force sync.

Tame the email beast! ;)

A special thanks goes out first and foremost to all our beta testers. You help great apps happen! Lastly, none of this would be possible without the skills of CTO Aric Lasry (behind Google Tasks Sync) and David Podhola, a third party developer based in Prague.

A wise Windows developer and gamer once said, “Outlook is one of Microsoft’s more diabolical creations.”

Photo credit: Lou Gallois-Disant

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