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Getting Familiar with Producteev: FAQ List (Updated Sep 2011)

I. Login & Accounts

Open ID
You can use facebook, google or yahoo connect to save time on your first, and subsequent, web app logins.

Be sure to set your account information password to access 3rd party applications (including the mac desktop app). The forgot password link is similar to resetting your password manually.

Forgot password
Should you forget your password, you can generate a temporary password using the “forgot password” option in the login box. Go to the homepage at http://producteev.com and instead of logging in or registering, select “forgot password.”

Be sure to check spam folders for password instructions.

Close account
If you created a duplicate account or wish to delete your account forever, you will need to email contact[at]producteev[dot]com with your request.

Currently, there is no way to delete an account on your own. The upcoming web app, however, will have this feature. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to learn more about this next iteration of Producteev.

II. Configuring Settings

Sync to google calendar in two clicks. Select an individual workspace to be synced and select the calendar icon from the task list. Next hit “send to google calendar.”

You will then be prompted to grant access to google, be sure to accept. Note: workspaces are synced on an individual basis.

Collaborating is easy on Producteev! Add a team member to your workspace from the People section, in the left side bar. Click “add a person,” enter his/her email address and hit enter.

If he/she hasn’t already, your team member will be prompted to register for a Producteev account in order to join your workspace. Should you have any issues, such as the email invitation getting put in the spam folder, you can share the unique invitation link in your Workspace Administration/People tab. Simply copy/paste the unique link and share with the corresponding invitee.

Default notifications are only for tasks with deadlines that are overdue. You can turn off these notifications from your Workspace Administration panel.

Select Workspace Administration in the left footer. Next select the Email/IM tab. Edit notifications and uncheck, or disconnect completely.

III. Basic Features

Hot tasks
A task is “hot” if it has at least one star and is due today.

Email a task / IM a task
Email tasks to task[at]producteev[dot]com to add them to your to-do list.

Your login email is already configured. To configure additional email addresses, select Workspace Administration in the left footer. Next select the Email/IM tab. Add and connect additional email/IM accounts.

Any tasks added via email/IM can be accessed using the Inbox filter in the left sidebar.

The inbox filter in the left sidebar displays tasks added via email/IM.

It is *not* a custom filter, as in David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) method.

Natural Language Processing
Certain keyboard shortcuts are available on Producteev.

See the following Support section for a list of syntax.

IV. Plans and Upgrades

Producteev pricing is per workspace and workspace plans are free for individuals and small teams of two.

Any mention of the word “trial” will disappear from your account information after 14 days of use, it is merely a way to indicate that a workspace is new. 

Free Premium Plans with Producteev for Education
Click the following to learn more about this newly launched program for students and schools.

Producteev is proud to offer discounts for non-profit use. If interested in obtaining 20% off, email contact[at]producteev[dot]com for your promotion code.

Producteev pricing is per workspace and teams purchasing more than one workspace will receive discounts for purchasing a bundle of workspaces.

Standard bundle discounts are issued for 2, 5 and 10 workspaces. Email contact[at]producteev[dot]com for other workspace bundle needs.

V. Advanced Features

Tasks are viewable to your workspace members, unless otherwise specified. You can change privacy settings of individual tasks from the web app.

Select a task and click on the lock icon to open up a privacy window. Checked team members have viewing privileges, so uncheck names that should not have viewing rights.

Additional Workspaces
Add a workspace to organize your projects, or by GTD context. Click on a workspace title and enable the workspace drop down menu. Add your new workspace at the bottom.

Note: Producteev pricing is per workspace and workspace plans are free for individuals and small teams of two. Although workspaces with 3 or more people do not qualify for a free plan, bundles and discounts (details above) help decrease the price.

See all tasks, across all workspaces (projects/contexts) by selecting the Overview. Click on a workspace title and enable the workspace drop down menu to display the overview option.


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Beloved Mac Desktop App FAQs

After launching Producteev for Mac just two weeks ago, we’ve gotten a lot of awesome feedback – thank you! Things like:


There’s been a surge of questions lately, so we wanted to address those while working on the next update.Producteev for Mac crashes at launch?Deleting ~/Library/Preferences/com.producteev.Producteev.plist should do the trick

I signed up for Producteev with Facebook, Yahoo, Google / Google Apps and don’t know my password to login to the app?We wanted to have our apps out to you as soon as possible! =) As such, unfortunately, some of our apps don’t have single sign on integrated yet. If you originally signed up with facebook, yahoo, google/google apps, and try to use another app (like Mac, Astrid, iPhone, etc.), you’ll have to create a password in order to proceed. Select the ‘forgot password?’ link on the website homepage and enter your email login. Follow the email prompts to create your password. You will then be able to access all apps.

I’m loving your Mac app. Is there an iPad app on the roadmap, and, if so, when is it planned for?An iPad app has been started, but there is no planned release date yet. Follow our twitter for updates. Some of us at the office are pushing just as hard as you are, though =)

Are you going to update the iPhone app soon to coordinate with super cool desktop app?Yes, we have started working on an update to the iPhone app.


And there are many more exciting things to come down the road for Producteev. Stay connected for more information =)



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