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Our iPhone Update has faster sync, quickfilters, and shows the next due date on completed reoccurring tasks!

The sync feature runs as a Background Task so you don’t have to wait until sync is finished before leaving the app

This new sync makes it faster to synchronize with other Producteev platforms.

Our new QuickFilters selector is simple!  Just swipe up to open and you will save time.  You can still long press the button too.

In the Task LIst, you can set a reoccurring task as done and it will now display it’s next due date.  We also fixed a few things:

  • Saved Quickfilter tab (Starred, Late, Today) displays the correct filtered view after launch.
  • Editing a Label’s name no longer creates a new one in some cases.
  • Sync error when creating a label with the same name as another.
  • Removing all the labels from a task is now possible

Go update it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/producteev/id306289289?mt=8



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Mac app Update! Subtasks are here, New design, and more

You’ve been waiting for it, it’s here!

We’ve just updated the Mac app with a couple of new things and fixes :

- Subtasks!

Yes you can now create, sync, edit, delete and rearrange subtasks from the Mac App


- New Design: faster, simpler, whiter, better


Improved Collaboration filters: It now behaves like the web app. Click on your avatar top left to change the view

- A bunch of bugs are now fixed, like crash at logins for some users, and little improvements here and there.

Update it here : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/producteev/id450283360?mt=12

If you like it, please rate us 5 stars, it does help a lot!


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New Duplicate Workspace Feature!

You can now create a new workspace without retyping all of your tasks and labels!


This new and highly requested feature will let you create template workspaces.

You can start a template with pre existing tasks from another workspace to make your life easier.  This is especially helpful if you have a business and you want to create a new workspace for each of your projects that contain the same tasks.
You can duplicate: labels, colleagues, completed tasks and active tasks.  The colleagues that you invite will receive e-mail notifications with their invitation.

This feature is just available for the web app for now.  It is accesible from the workspace drop down list by hovering the workspace you want to duplicate.

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How does “privacy” work on Producteev once I am collaborating with others?

We get that question pretty often, so let us try to clear that out.

Here are a couple of things you should know:

LOCKED MODE (Default mode):

1. When you collaborate with other users on a specific workspace, by default, everyone will be able to see all tasks posted by the members of this team (members who got invited and joined the workspace). Note that except the creator, the assignee and the administrator of your workspace, no one else can EDIT them. They can only view them, and post comments on them. They can’t change a deadline, edit labels or change the person in charge for example.




2. If you want more open collaboration, and let everyone from your team interact with all of your workspaces’ tasks, we recently launched a new setting for that, it’s called an “unlocked” workspace. Once that feature activated, anyone from your team can : complete a task, edit labels, set deadlines and reminders, change the assignee, etc. Anyone can do anything! Your workspace is not public, just editable by all the members of that workspace.




On Producteev, you can also select who’s seeing each and every one of your tasks if you want to. Click on the ‘privacy’ feature in your task detail panel. If you want to hide that “get my boss a birthday present” task in your team’s workspace, you can do it :)


Those settings are only available from the web app for now, but obviously reflect on all of the other apps once approved.

Hope that helps!

UPDATED ON MAY 7, 2012: Thanks to @stoweboyd for helping find the right terminology for “Locked’ and “Unlocked”!

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The Producteev iPhone app : status, and more.

Hi everyone, Ilan here.

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the iPhone app. A couple of people complained about the fact that our app is getting old, and doesn’t always sync. You’re right on both fronts.

Getting old : why is it getting old? The reality is that we only have one (brilliant) iOS and Mac developer (for now), and he’s been working on the (successful) Mac app ever since the iPhone app has been released. The good news is that he started again baking the brand new, shiny and fast iPhone app V2 for a couple of months already, and it’s simply going be out of this world. Sneak peek :


I can’t give out any release date (even though it’s set), for PR purposes. More about this soon.

Sync:  When such a technologically complex app gets older, you find out about ‘bugs’ over time, and sync is one of them. What happens is that when a Producteev account is getting bigger and bigger, the iPhone app is having a hard time to sync it. This issue is obviously fixed in the new version, since we built a brand new sync engine. Again, having one developer on this platform is not always easy to manage, but that’ll change.

Overall, a lot of things will change in the next couple of weeks, since we’re obviously working on something big that involves A LOT of improvements, more platforms supported, and a couple of surprises.

We’ll open private betas seats soon, on a one-to-one basis.

Thanks all for your support in the meantime!

Ilan, co-founder and CEO



Two-Minute Tip: Separate Workspaces for Organizing Every Aspect of Your Life

Creating a separate workspace for each aspect of your life only takes a few secs, and helps out A LOT with organization & reducing clutter.

Why create extra workspaces? Why not list all tasks on one display?

If you plan to lightly use Producteev on one or two aspects of your life (shopping lists, errands) then placing all your tasks on one workspace would be okay. If you plan on using it for several aspects (which you know you should) it’s best you create separate workspaces early on. 

Here is how to go about it:

On the upper left portion of your screen, click on the blue tab that reads ‘(your name)’s Workspace.’ 


A little dropdown menu will appear. Click on the white bar titled, “New Workspace.” Type in the name of the new workspace you would like to create, and click on the ‘+’ on that very same bar to save it.


That is it! Just repeat this simple procedure for additional workspaces. Plot your tasks accordingly onto each of the applicable workspaces, and you will neatly be on the road to productivity! To switch between workspaces, just click on the same blue tab, and select which workspace you would like to view. If you would like to change the order in which the workspaces appear on the blue panel, simply drag and drop!

Recommended Reading: GTD in Producteev: Utilizing Multiple Workspaces

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Exclusive Sneak Peek at Producteev for Windows!

We’re so excited over the new Producteev for Windows… we just HAD TO offer you a glimpse of what’s to come!


Let us know what you think of it so far!

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Beloved Mac Desktop App FAQs

After launching Producteev for Mac just two weeks ago, we’ve gotten a lot of awesome feedback – thank you! Things like:


There’s been a surge of questions lately, so we wanted to address those while working on the next update.Producteev for Mac crashes at launch?Deleting ~/Library/Preferences/com.producteev.Producteev.plist should do the trick

I signed up for Producteev with Facebook, Yahoo, Google / Google Apps and don’t know my password to login to the app?We wanted to have our apps out to you as soon as possible! =) As such, unfortunately, some of our apps don’t have single sign on integrated yet. If you originally signed up with facebook, yahoo, google/google apps, and try to use another app (like Mac, Astrid, iPhone, etc.), you’ll have to create a password in order to proceed. Select the ‘forgot password?’ link on the website homepage and enter your email login. Follow the email prompts to create your password. You will then be able to access all apps.

I’m loving your Mac app. Is there an iPad app on the roadmap, and, if so, when is it planned for?An iPad app has been started, but there is no planned release date yet. Follow our twitter for updates. Some of us at the office are pushing just as hard as you are, though =)

Are you going to update the iPhone app soon to coordinate with super cool desktop app?Yes, we have started working on an update to the iPhone app.


And there are many more exciting things to come down the road for Producteev. Stay connected for more information =)



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Producteev Native Android App 5* ASAP

Release of the highly anticipated, native Producteev Android app is again post-poned. Now before you go all Angry Birds on us, you should hear us out.

The latest version of a Producteev Android app was indeed beta tested by a select group of superusers. Their verdict? The app, in its current form, is not ready for public release.

Like the previous two 3rd party Android developers, the most recent 3rd party developer is also unable to continue the project and make the necessary changes to improve the app and bring it up to par. Which leaves us right back where we started a year ago – still without a native app to complete our Google suite.

Before making the difficult decision of whether to launch the app as is – since we had no other viable option with this 3rd party developer – the team thought long and hard. Ultimately, we could not put the app on the market as is. Sorry to repeat another delayed release and for your disappointment and frustration with us.

Below, however, is just one example of beta tester feedback which speaks to the condition of the current app.
I think you have the basis of what could be a good app but I really don’t think you should consider releasing it at the moment as I think you will get negative feedback from the majority of users…. I hope you find this email constructive as this is how I mean it to be.


ING New York City Marathon 2010

Now the reason a native Android app was not initiated in-house in the first place was because no one on the Producteev team had the related experience and skill set. Starting this week, however, a fully-dedicated in-house developer has begun a native Android app from scratch. He, along with the rest of the team and beta testers, are determined to see this project through to completion. Or Ilan, CEO, will have his head! ;)

We know that we dropped the ball, perhaps we shouldn’t have made launch estimates based on an app that was not being built by our team. We know that our Android users deserve more and are not secondary to our iPhone users. A native Android app is Producteev’s top priority – not just in theory but in practice. We can only hope for the opportunity to make it right and keep the community updated with its future development.

We really do want to make an app that is awesome! In the meantime, the new mobile web app may help make your wait more bearable.


Say Hello to Producteev for Mac

We just had a baby! Say hello to Producteev for Mac, currently available in the Mac App Store.

This was truly a labor of love, taking nearly nine months from start to completion. We’re so proud of our new addition to the Producteev app family that, like many beaming new parents, we’re sharing photos with the world!

Join us in welcoming the beautiful Producteev for Mac app, and download it now. And give us some love with a wonderful App Store review! :D

A special thanks goes out to all our beta testers — you really helped the last couple of weeks. We appreciate you!

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