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Vines + Producteev = the perfect mix for a great vintage

With a part of the Producteev team born and raised in France and our new headquarters located in California, we have two good reasons to be like wine. When we heard that a little wine producer from the Napa Valley uses Producteev to monitor his vines and sell his bottles, we could not pas up the opportunity to discuss our two passions: wine and productivity!

Hello Greg Scheinfeld, could you tell us a little more about your company?

Uproot Wines is a small producer of high quality wines in the Napa Valley. We are currently making a Sauvignon Blanc and a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley, as well as a Grenache Blanc and Grenache from the Central Coast. All four wines are produced and bottled in Napa.

One of the more interesting things about our company is that we have designed a front label that has what we call a tasting color palette. This means that the color bars on the label correspond to how strong the wine is. We started our company about a year and a half ago and are growing.

What is your role at Uproot Wines?

As the founder of Uproot Wines, my role includes everything from paying the bills to selling the wine. The team is still quite small: Jay (my associate), his two assistants, and myself. Jay and I work closely on the phone and through Producteev to keep track of the different tasks that need to be done. Email, texts, and phone calls can only be so helpful. The Producteev dashboard has everything in the pipelines clearly laid out and is easy to keep updated.

How do you use Producteev?

Most of my work is done through the desktop application. I hardly use the website dashboard since the app is suited perfectly for what we need at Uproot. I actually think we under utilize the potential of the product. As Uproot grows, we will have the opportunity to utilize Producteev further.

What feature do you use the most?

We primarily use the deadline and the multi-channel notification features. We also use notes and the task list helps us to keep a running list of all the things in the pipeline that we need to accomplish. It also helps keep us stay accountable.

How did you manage your tasks before Producteev?

Managing our company has mostly been done through email and phone calls. It was difficult because employees lived in separate time zones. Thus far, Producteev has really helped us to stay on track.


They use Producteev to sublimate their commercials

M /studio is one of the most well known post-production facilities in Chile and a reference for commercials in the Latin American World. When we heard that they use Producteev to manage their projects, we couldn’t resist asking a few questions.



Hòlà compañeros, tell us a little you and your company.

My name is Fernando and I’m partner and general manager of M /studio, a video post production company. We mainly do advertising and we work with some prestigious clients like Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Colgate, Palmolive… I run the company on a daily basis when Guayi Mas our art director, is on the field trying to create spectacular effects for our client’s commercials.


How does Producteev help you to get those projects done? How do you use it on a daily basis?

We use Producteev to coordinate the process of post-production. Since the plans change every minute we need to keep everyone updated and to share information in real-time. A client changed his mind, a last minute revision… They’re always unexpected challenges in this business and Producteev has been really good to keep everyone updated with what they have to do in order to make the commercial great and the customer happier.

Give us your secret, what does your Producteev board looks like?

We use Producteev in a very special way. We only have a few projects running in the meantime and each project is short (5 days on average) and intense. So we use a common workspace for all the employees where we represent each client as a label and each project as task. Then, we use the notes to keep everyone updated on the next steps to follow. Using the notes allows us to send a notification by email to each employee as soon as something is moving on the project!


What feature do you use most in Producteev?

We mainly use the web app since we are always in the studio and we stay behind our computers for days when it is time to finish big projects. The feature we use the most is definitely the emails and the notifications by this channel.


How did you manage your tasks before you use Producteev?

I just put everything I could think about on a calendar or on my agenda and then I had to manually send emails to everyone to notify them. Finally, each employee had to recreate their own task-list on a piece of paper. Now with Producteev I can share all the information with the entire company, which is much more powerful and productive. I don’t have any doubt on the quality of our work, but this kind of tool helps us to be more organized and efficient.


Thank you for your time and stay Producteev!

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Yes, Producteev can help to find oil & gas

In the middle of a desert or on the north pole, the daily-job of Denis and his coworkers is to find oil & gas. When we found out that they use Producteev to manage these enormous projects, we definitely wanted to know more.


Hello Denis, tell us about you and your company.

I unfortunately can’t disclose all the details but we are a subsidiary of a Russian major oil & gas company operating on an exploration in Middle East: we’re looking for oil and maybe gas. We have lots of external stakeholders, such as a local government, Ministry of Natural Resources, our Parent Company, shareholders, partners, environmental organizations, etc. All of them interact with us on daily basis and we need to keep track of all incoming requests.


What are the roles of you and your team?

I’m the Finance Manager of the project. I supervise all finance operations, including accounting, budgeting, new business opportunities, etc. Our finance and commercial team is comprised of eight people including myself. We have three locations: Russia, the Netherlands, and Middle East. We’re lucky we have all people in our team very familiar with web-technologies, so implementing Producteev was easy.


How can Producteev help you?

We have a Business Analyst in our team, who manages all agendas and task tracking by working within Producteev. The Business Analyst encourages everyone to complete tasks, post notes explaining what has been done, checks late tasks, records tasks, and introduces new people on the project team (besides finance – geologists, IT, legal, HR) to Producteev. I personally conduct training sessions explaining to newcomers how to work with Producteev and I use it to post some simple tasks and notes on the go, which I populate with more detail when I’m at my desk.


What feature do you use most in Producteev?

I use activity reports and natural language task creation. Some of our colleagues find it convenient to work with emails to report on tasks and attach notes, while others like apps on Mac, iPhone, and Android.


How did you manage your tasks before you used Producteev?

Simple notebooks and basic Microsoft Outlook to-do lists, then Excel spreadsheet with columns: Task, Responsible, Planned Start Date, Actual Finish Date… But synchronizing everyone and making online modifications has been a problem. Then I saw Producteev online and showed it to my boss and our Business Analyst. The major driver for switch was the cross-platform availability. My boss signed off on using Producteev when he saw the notifications list on his Galaxy Note’s big screen.


At the end of the day are you a “my list is empty” person or more of an “okay, now I have to reschedule all those tasks for tomorrow” person?

I used to be a “have to clear out all inbox before end of day” person, but as the business’ pace increases – some tasks will span over more than one day and you just have to work with it with best tool you have available, and not clutter your head with many small things.


Thank you Denis and good luck with this giant project!


Find out how a Creative Agency uses Producteev to juggle their online presence for important clients


Daniel Atzil, 28 years old from Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Purple Interactive – Digital-Creative Agency.


“Two years ago me and two partners opened Purple Interactive, a leading digital-creative agency that manages the digital presence for some of the biggest brands in Israel. Malls, drug companies, car rental agencies, magazines, fashion brands and more. Recently we also started working with clients in the States and Europe.


Our specialty is the social arena and mainly Facebook, we build fan pages and promotional applications, manage all the content in the page and create campaigns that integrates offline and online.


We started out as three people with two clients, on a couch,  but soon enough we found ourselves moving the office for the third time and now we are 12 people and growing. We got more work but didn’t find the solution to manage and supervise all the tasks and projects. It was very clear to us that projects that aren’t majored are not managed properly, but we just didn’t find the right tool to do that. Then came Producteev and it changed our world!


Since we started using the product we increased our work and profit by almost 50 percent. It sounds crazy but it became an integral part of our staff everyday work. If you run a company but find it hard to keep up with all of your staff’s tasks this is the tool for you, it saves you time and money from day one.”


Find out how Karl uses Producteev to help juggle work, home and volunteering!

What do you do Karl?
I’m a business analyst for Agile Frameworks (www.agileframeworks.com) in the Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN area.  Agile Frameworks designs and builds technology solutions that automate field data collection, quality control and client delivery of documents for the AEC industry.  My core responsibilities include writing and managing the business user requirements for the technology solutions we develop.
How do you manage your busy schedule?
Like any Producteev user, I too juggle tasks required at work, at home, at volunteer organizations, etc.  The lines between “personal” and “professional” are not as distinct as they once were.  Producteev helps create some order around the tasks and actions I have planned so I can rely on my system at any time for the next thing I have time, energy and resources available for.
How did you find out about Producteev?
I discovered Producteev about three years ago.  It was at the same time I was starting to read and better understand David Allen’s “Getting Things DONE” (GTD) book and approach.  I was intrigued, but I knew my GTD system needed a technology-based solution.  It’s just the way my mind thinks and acts.  I started doing some searches for and trying various GTD apps.  I ran across Producteev and decided to give it a try.  It stuck (for a while…).  I’ll be honest too – I stopped using Producteev about a year ago, as I really needed a better tablet (iPad) solution for my GTD app.  During this time, I had a job change and needed to re-evaluate my task management solution, as I now had a mixed-OS environment (Windows on my Desktop, Android on my phone, iOS on my tablet).  Producteev had made some significant changes to their website tool and introduced an Android phone app during this time.  I decided it was time to head back to Producteev, and I’m glad I have.
How does Producteev help you?
Simply put, Producteev really helps me achieve order in my tasks and next actions.  I utilize the email integration capabilities daily so I don’t have to create tasks from scratch in Producteev.  This helps me achieve a “zero email inbox.”  Workspaces help me organize tasks related to larger focus areas (work, personal, home office, home maintenance, errands, etc.).  Labels help me classify the contexts of my work (phone, email, computer, face-to-face meeting, etc.).  Repeating tasks help me keep order in my personal finances.  I know each month what dates I need to reconcile or pay various statements.  As soon as I complete those tasks for  the month, I know the next occurrence is queued up and waiting for me when the time comes.  No need to “remember” any of this, as I trust my system.
Why I enjoy working with Producteev.
I’ve really enjoyed working with the Producteev team as an active user of the tool.  I’ve used a variety of tools and have gathered some overall best practices that have worked very well for me.  I think that I can speak on behalf of many of the users in the user community in saying that some additional enhancements to the tool will make Producteev and even stronger tool and player in the task management space.  I’m personally really excited to see how some “hot topics” in the user community forum will eventually be addressed (fingers crossed).  A sampling of some “hot topics” include…
  • Having a dedicated iPad app (versus an iPhone app displayed on an iPad screen).
  • Better sub-tasks.  I really look forward to being able to manage certain tasks as “projects” (more than one task).  I would really love to see the ability to assign the same type of metadata (due dates, labels, notes, etc.) to sub-tasks that we can with “parent” tasks records.  Along with this, being able to see and manage sub-tasks on a mobile device (not just the website).
  • Universal (versus workspace-specific) labels / contexts.  At any given moment, I would love the ability to quickly see what tasks (across all workspaces) I could accomplish using a phone (context) because I have the time, energy and resources available to do so.
  • Etc…

What do you do when you have a task that’s overdue?


Overdue tasks happen for a variety of reasons.  They happen to all of us.  I simply re-evaluate my task / actions landscape and act accordingly (evaluate why the deadline was missed, reset the deadline if still applicable, delete the task if no longer applicable, etc.).

Thanks alot for participating Karl!  https://twitter.com/KarlBurkum


Interview with Producteev user @tonymorganlive!

Tell us about yourself
 I’ve been married for 20 years. Emily and I have four kids ranging from ages almost 7 to 17. I used to be in local government. I was a city manager. In 1998, I transitioned into church ministry. I’ve worked for three large, fast-growing churches each with several thousand people attending. It was through those experiences that I began writing and speaking to leaders. In 2009, I launched my own business to provide consulting and leadership coaching.
What do you do?
  I’m the founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Tony Morgan Live, LLC. We help leaders and organizations get unstuck. The solutions we offer include consulting to help organizations get healthy and have highly effective leadership teams. We also offer leadership coaching. Of course, most of the engagement I have with leaders happens through the daily content we deliver at TonyMorganLive.com.
  How do you manage your busy schedue?
 Well, I mentioned I’m married and a dad to my four kids. On top of that, I’m in my third year of launching my own business. I’m very involved in the ministry of my church. And, I’m active with social media to stay connected with leaders throughout the world. I’m always busy, but I’m super-committed to staying healthy. That begins with setting priorities. My faith comes first. My marriage and family come second. Making money to put food on the table comes third. Staying healthy begins with priorities, but it’s executed through systems. The systems are where Producteev comes in.
How did you find out about Producteev?
 I found Producteev when trying to search for a solution for task management. I needed a web-based solution that provided access on my Mac computers and Android phone. I was also looking for something where I could track all my tasks for family, ministry and business. The bonus feature that I really love in Producteev is the ability to delegate tasks to different people depending on the “workspace” I create. As a leader trying to empower other people on my team, this has been a real important feature.
How does Producteev help you?
 I’m always explaining to leaders that “Teaching has the potential to shift thinking, but systems have the potential to shift behaviors.” Because of that, systems are very important. Producteev is flexible to support my task management systems. And, like I said, I can use that system with other people on my team. That’s the advantage over many other task management solutions that are available. My favorite features include the ability to assign tasks, create separate workspaces for different areas of my life, use labels to group like tasks, set up recurring tasks, and sync tasks across my Mac, my Android phone and my Kindle Fire.
 What do you do when a task is overdue?
  If it’s overdue, my first question is, “Do I still need to do it?” Many times a task ends up in the overdue category because it’s not a priority. When that’s the case, the best option is to use the delete button. The next question I ask myself is, “Who else can do this?” Again, most of what I do is empower other people. Leadership isn’t leadership unless it’s released to other people. Finally, if I determine it’s still my task, I prioritize and reschedule the task for the future. Of course, all of these filters are easy to implement using the tools built in to Producteev.

[Guest Post] How did I use Producteev to Write & Publish a Book

This guest post is contributed by Producteev user Doreen Bloch, an Entrepreneur & Author whose new book “The Coolest Startups in America” was just released to the public.

People say that ideas are easy, but execution is difficult. When I started penning my book, The Coolest Startups in America (find it here on Amazon) last year, I had a simple thesis: there should be a book that introduces people to startups. But in practice, it was not so straightforward. To write and publish a book, there are hundreds of moving parts and dozens of players. I also used wordpress to help me write and save blogs. I also love that I can use WordPress speed optimization to help me speed things up.


After six months of writing and hours of interviews (Producteev CEO Ilan Abehassera included!), my idea for The Coolest Startups in America book became reality, available to delight readers around the country on the best startups in the nation. As I reflect on my process, there was one tool with me at every step. That’s right, my Producteev account.

Here is how I used Producteev to move my project from goal to reality:

1. Use Producteev to Brainstorm

Inspiration can come from anywhere. I used my Producteev account to collect quotes, notes and images that would be useful in the writing process. Because Producteev focuses on cross-platform fluidity, I was never pigeonholed into using Producteev.com specifically, instead adding to my account on-the-go via Producteev’s iPhone and iPad apps.

2. Use Producteev to Land an Agent or Publisher

I decided to pursue finding a literary agent and publisher early on in my book-writing process. Because Producteev allows multiple Workspaces within each account, I could keep my writing work in one Workspace and use another for the purpose of securing representation.

While Producteev won’t magically get you interest from an Agent or Publisher, it can help coordinate your outreach. As a first-time author, agency names and publishing houses were esoteric and niche, so I used each “task” in Producteev to store notes on the organizations. And, for each Publisher rejection (happens to every writer like a right of passage), Producteev lifted my spirits because I could cross a name off the list to see a pretty green check mark indicating that I was only getting closer to my goal, never farther from it.

3. Use Producteev to Organize Research

Over a span of about two months, I conducted 50+ interviews with startup CEOs, government officials, academics, thought-leaders, and journalists for The Coolest Startups in America, so staying on top of scheduling could have become a fiasco. Not so with Producteev! Rather than create calendar alerts for checking in with PR reps and sources, I could schedule reminders within Producteev so that the contact information, notes, interview questions and scheduling for each person remained centralized.

I also put Producteev’s labeling features to good use. With 72 startups featured in the inaugural volume of The Coolest Startups in America, organized into 18 categorical sections, colored labels helped to keep the content tidy so I could easily navigate around the tasks for the many chapters.

4. Use Producteev During Editing

When it came time to involve my editor in the book process, Producteev was a gem. I could “assign” chapters to my editor as I finished working on them. If there were items within the chapter for me to review, he could seamlessly assign the task back to me within Producteev.


5. Use Producteev for Publicity

Among bookers, producers, articles, friends & family outreach, volume sales (Plug: Want to order 10 or more copies? Email me for a discount code! ;) and more, there is so much for authors to do after the writing process is complete. No matter whether an author decides to use a traditional publisher or go DIY, book promotion always has the author in the driver’s seat. Producteev is helping me stay on top of publicity for The Coolest Startups in America. In fact, I’m off to cross off the to-do item for this article right now; using a spreadsheet is so last century.

Producteev was named one of “The Coolest Startups in America.” Buy the book to find out about the best new companies around the nation in the first-ever mainstream book about entrepreneurship.


Author Doreen Bloch is an entrepreneur & writer in New York City (hometown: Palo Alto, CA). Her first book “The Coolest Startups in America” was released in February 2012. She is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and a former Analyst at SecondMarket, where she worked on the auctions for shares of Facebook Inc. and other leading private companies. Her personal website is http://www.DoreenBloch.com.

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Deadlines? What deadlines? We’re developers! ;) Interview with @csuwldcat of @mozlabs

Producteev is way better than RTM! 

Pretty much ;) One year ago, that’s what they said!



Like his t-shirt gives away, Daniel Buchner is a developer with heart! He currently works at Mozilla as a product manager, is married, has a pet dog, and goes mountain biking for fun.

Daniel manages his entire workflow on Producteev, which at the moment includes the supervision of three engineers. He also takes advantage of our multiple workspaces feature and is hacking away on a fancy side project. Shhh, it’s in stealth mode!

As a devoted product manager, he admits to occasionally being behind on deadlines. His advice for staying on track, in spite of minor setbacks?

When a task is late, don’t just ignore it. Change the deadline, and write the reason(s) why in the notes. 

Good call, Dan! He adds:

Producteev really has the right set of features for developers! It’s way better than RTM, in my opinion. Especially how it’s organized. The UI, sidebar, filter….are all great details! There’s a decent set of standard features. 

Daniel, like many of you, is a Google and Android fanboy. Here at HQ, we’re working on building even better Google integrations, as well as finishing that native Android app! The latter of which includes deadline modification notations. :)

Stay tuned for another exciting product manager story, with our very own Stephane!

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E-commerce #productivity with @Mathilde, #French CEO

“No need to spend time writing long emails or follow up with colleagues on a specific task, Producteev takes care of it all! In the end, the collaboration tool makes work relationships seamless :)” – Mathilde Le Rouzic, CEO, epicurean, geek around the edges.


fave features:

  • iPhone app
  • calendar view
  • labels

key benefits:

  • management of multiple websites, from development to marketing
  • scheduling flexibility
  • greater team communication, greater actionable activity

Quaelead is an e-commerce suggestion engine. Mathilde le Rouzic is the founder, and she and her team make recommendations on gifts, decor, jewelry and other products. Created in 2009, the company manages 3 sites: UnCadeau.com (founded October 2009), jeveuxdesBijoux.com (founded November 2010), Bijouxpascher.com (founded January 2011).

Although Producteev is multi-platform, they mainly use the web application, with a workspace tab always open on each team member’s browser. “It’s part of the productivity trio: Gmail, Skype, Producteev,” Mathilde insists. As a busy and often on-the-go CEO, she regularly uses the iPhone app, especially while commuting to and from the office. “I use my down time productively,” she reveals, “to review my upcoming tasks, as well as my team’s tasks.”

Her team is also a fan of Calendar View and the drag-and-drop interface. It helps them shift tasks around on any given day. From a team standpoint, they claim that Producteev has drastically reduced the number of emails they used to send to each other. Instead, they rely on the task manager for full online collaboration, including adding notes and files. They add that they use Skype for quick communication, anytime they’re missing elements to complete specific tasks.

Their single most used label is titled “DEVELOPMENT,” and all the technical aspects of all 3 websites are managed through Producteev. Being able to modify details, like assigning a task, priority level, deadline and so on, breaks down project management into simple task management for them. Each one of them freely rearranges their tasks through out the week.

In addition, Mathilde harnesses the power of Producteev for our a lot of Quaelead’s marketing campaigns, from newsletters, to coupons, to strategic partnerships…

According to her, Producteev has improved their business by making everything super efficient, as well as centralized in one common location. In fact, she’s going to launch a couple of other e-commerce websites, and once again Producteev will remain the central communication and productivity piece. “We’re just so satisfied with it,” Mathilde concludes, “and the more our team grows, the more we need it to manage our work!”

Bonus: What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs, especially in e-commerce, about productivity?
“Through the years, I got used to capturing a lot of notes, in the very moment that I thoguht of them. I continually take time off from answering emails and taking calls every day, in order to process my most important tasks. I also force myself to spend at least an hour a day on less important tasks. It’s not as interesting, but way less annoying than letting them pile up!”

Producteev is proudly available in French.

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Producteev Hits the Sweet Spot With a Bajillion Tasks – @rhogroupee

“I’ve fallen in love with Producteev and keep it open on a Firefox tab all day. It really hit the sweet spot and helps me stay on top of a bajillion tasks” – Rosemary O’Neill, President, community manager, movie nut, & mom of three.

fave features:

  • calendar view
  • sorting by labels
  • reminder notifications

key benefits:

  • daily organization
  • less mental energy to do more work

Rosemary O’Neill, president of Social Strata, manages work, family and side projects in Producteev.

She came across Producteev by googling for apps to help her get things done. Five task managers were tested before she finally settled. The O’Neill party of 5 has now been using Producteev for six weeks and has decided that it is the productivity tool for them.

“I am all in!” Rosemary shares, “The most important thing about Producteev is being able to switch between the list view and calendar view. This helps me organize my tasks on any given day.”

Separate workspaces are also used, which are categorized into her day-to-day activities (both work and family), and special projects. It’s actually pretty smart so that her calendar – with daily responsibilities – can be in one place.

Context labels make the to-do list more manageable. As community manager of Social Strata, Rosemary is in charge of social media and customer support/relations. This spectrum of duties is entered using the web app. “I kinda appreciate being nagged when it’s time for me to do a blog update,” she reveals.

As far as her workflow and completing to-dos are concerned, Rosemary sets deadlines using the SCHEDULE IT feature. Any unscheduled tasks are then addressed by priority.

Rather than heavy processing of tasks (Covey method etc.), she finds this method simpler and easier to work with. In effect, Rosemary spends less time thinking about what it is she has to do and more time checking off the many items on her list. Producteev’s filters help do some of the task processing work for her, and the sort by feature has been a real lifesaver.

In addition, she and her husband, Ted, make the most of their Seattle commute by dropping tasks into the Producteev iphone app. “It’s mentally freeing for me to be able to pop tasks right in there.”

Finally, to manage her hectic schedule as a busy mom, Rosemary reminds herself to do school-related tasks for her three young children on Producteev. “I can remember to bring cupcakes on Thursday,” for instance, “and I like that Producteev emails me the day before with a reminder!”

Learn more about views and sorting and see a similar use case .

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