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Beloved Mac Desktop App FAQs

After launching Producteev for Mac just two weeks ago, we’ve gotten a lot of awesome feedback – thank you! Things like:


There’s been a surge of questions lately, so we wanted to address those while working on the next update.Producteev for Mac crashes at launch?Deleting ~/Library/Preferences/com.producteev.Producteev.plist should do the trick

I signed up for Producteev with Facebook, Yahoo, Google / Google Apps and don’t know my password to login to the app?We wanted to have our apps out to you as soon as possible! =) As such, unfortunately, some of our apps don’t have single sign on integrated yet. If you originally signed up with facebook, yahoo, google/google apps, and try to use another app (like Mac, Astrid, iPhone, etc.), you’ll have to create a password in order to proceed. Select the ‘forgot password?’ link on the website homepage and enter your email login. Follow the email prompts to create your password. You will then be able to access all apps.

I’m loving your Mac app. Is there an iPad app on the roadmap, and, if so, when is it planned for?An iPad app has been started, but there is no planned release date yet. Follow our twitter for updates. Some of us at the office are pushing just as hard as you are, though =)

Are you going to update the iPhone app soon to coordinate with super cool desktop app?Yes, we have started working on an update to the iPhone app.


And there are many more exciting things to come down the road for Producteev. Stay connected for more information =)



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Producteev iPhone V2.0 hits the App Store

Hey guys

Sorry we haven’t updated you a lot lately, but we’re working heads down on our “Out of Beta” launch which will happen on September 1st, the new version is totally rocking the house, stay tuned for lots of innovation.

Anyway, I am writing to you to announce a great news, after 3 months of hard work, our new iPhone app (V 2.0) has just hit the App Store. To be honest with you guys, we had to start from scratch to build this new version, the previous one was not a native iPhone application, plus had some bugs we couldn’t tolerate, we decided to start over, and it worked!

Here is what you can find in this new version :

- Lots of bugs fixed

- New User Interface, more native graphics and navigation

- You can add comments to your tasks and your colleagues’ tasks

- You can share tasks with your colleagues

Here are some screenshots :


The app is currently $1.99 and is downloadable here : http://bit.ly/tT8G1

We are already close to releasing the next version when we’ll start rolling out some exclusive features (hint : offline)
Give us your feedback, we’re still at the very beginning of our iPhone app’s life!


Producteev on the AppStore

Literally 3 months after we submitted our iPhone/iPod application to Apple, well it’s finally there, on the AppStore!


I need to clarify a few things about this application, and the story behind it…


1. The first version of the application was free, but Apple rejected it, because “they didn’t understand the business model behind it”, so to make it accepted, we had to set a low price on it : $1.99…

2. This is a V1, the V2 will be released in 1 month, and this one is going to rock!

We will be soon announcing the support for other mobile platforms soon, stay tuned!