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How-to deal with your people on Producteev?

Teams are change. Employees are leaving, new employees are being hired… Regardless of what type of business you are running, it is inevitable that you will need to adjust teams, reassign tasks, and sadly, make sure that former employees are unable to access sensitive information. Luckily, there are a few simple steps to follow to complete all of these actions in Producteev. Let’s review a few important scenarios:


1/ Onboard a new member in a workspace

Let’s say you just hired the perfect assistant. Now you need to provide access for this person to manage your tasks. All you need to do is login to your Producteev account, open the workspace, and to click on the green “+” located in the left sidebar. Then, just type the email address of your employee and Producteev will send the person an email invitation. This is also where you can check your pending invitations and even revoke an invitation if you change your mind or misspell an address.


2/ Give administrative powers to someone else

An important element of success is the ability to effectively delegate tasks. As an example, user authorizations is a task that may be better suited for your wonderful new assistant. To give your assistant access, you would open your settings and to go in the workspace panel. Do you see the link “change administrator” option located beneath each workspace? Simply click on this option and to chose your new administrator. Note that this setting will not change anything about your current subscriptions.


3/ Remove someone from a workspace

With any business, employees will come and go. It is important that former employees do not have access to the company projects or tasks. To do remove those people from your workspaces you first go to the settings panel. It takes one click on an user avatar to delete this person from the workspace. What happens with the tasks? All the tasks will be reassigned to the creator of each task, or to the workspace administrator if the creator was the person you just removed.


Have a Producteev week!

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When Producteev meets a crocodile, it’s all win for your docs

A few moths ago, Producteev adopted the best and nicest crocodile in the world: the Crocodoc. Why is this one so sweet? He is 100% document-ivorous: his only role is to let you share and annotate your documents in Producteev. No more searching through emails to find the most recent version of a document. Everything is stored with your tasks and projects so you can work with everyone on your team.

There is no cap on the number of documents or who can upload documents in Producteev. To upload a document, you simply go to any of your tasks and upload it as a Note. You are able to upload and share any type of file. However, only the following types will open up the golden gates of document collaboration: .DOC(x), .XLS(x), .PPT(x), and .PDF.


Once it’s uploaded, everyone who can see the task has the ability to download or annotate the document. To do so, just click on “preview and annotate” and the document editor will load. There are a world of possibilities: zoom-in, zoom-out, highlight, and annotate. And if you feel a little claustrophobic, don’t forget to click on “fullscreen.”

Next time you will see this Crocodile in Producteev, we bet you will not react like that:


Stay productive,


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Developer Collaboration & Getting Things Done on 8 Workspaces

Team Spotlight: Mark Hamilton- Developer, Musician, Fearless Martial Arts Warrior

Fav Features:

  • Multi-platform
  • Multiple Workspaces
  • Mail2Task

Key Benefits:

  • Less Stress
  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility
  • Centralized


I’ve been on the Produceev team for over 4 months now, but I first fell in love with the service over a year ago. The feature that first hooked me in was the ability to turn emails into tasks. I hate having a full inbox, but with just a few keystrokes in Gmail I can forward the email to task@producteev.com and archive it for good. In around a minute I can clean out and tag around 15-20 emails. By assigning stars, labels and deadlines for all these tasks directly from my email client, (just add “##Follow Up 5* Tomorrow” to the subject,) I have effectively curated a task list that I can scan at a glance.

At the time of this writing I have 8 workspaces. Two of these are used for testing new features, one is for personal tasks, and the remaining five are for collaboration and other projects.

Multiple Workspaces

I keep between 2-3 of my workspaces open during my day at the office. I leave them in separate tabs and use the “pin tab” feature in Google Chrome to keep it tidy.


Neat Tip: Ctrl+1 in Chrome will display your first tab, Ctrl+2 will display the second, etc.

Having these always open eliminates any incentive for me to jot down my notes on paper. Besides—paper notes don’t have push notifications.

When I’m working on projects, I create new tasks as new issues arise and ideas pop up so I don’t forget about them. All the ##bugs that are introduced are prioritized and tracked, and all the ##issues that I have to bring up to the team are dealt with quickly.

At this point, I’m left in a very comfortable position. Since the software is handling all of the dates and priorities while I’m working, I don’t have to worry that I’ll forget about anything. If I sort by deadline or priority I can see exactly what needs to be done first without having to go through my email account, notes, and various other online services. Most importantly, throughout this whole process Producteev isn’t sucking up all my time dealing with project management since adding and editing tasks are quick processes.

My Personal Workspace gets a lot of traffic from me during the day, too. I drop in articles to read later, set reminders to catch up with friends, and add an occasional note to check out new technology or videos. I also use it for more the important things, like making sure I pick up my son’s records from school and getting my taxes done. Personal time is hard to find sometimes, so breaking things down into really small tasks is what makes this workspace feel less overwhelming.

Since the Producteev service is centralized on the web, it synchronizes with native applications, like the iPhone application. There’s also a light mobile web version that you will see automatically by going to Producteev.com from your phone. I’m using both. I love the notifications and offline features of the free iPhone app, but I also keep bookmarks directly to my most used dashboards on my home screen.

Lastly, I am still able to create milestones and a basecamp-eque workflow with my fluid style of working. For instance, in a major release cycle I can just create a new label (e.g., Version 1 Release) and assign it to all the tasks that fall under that milestone. If I need to see all the tasks within that milestone, I can just use that label’s filter. I find that Calendar view on the web app helps out a lot here by letting me drag tasks around for this.

Producteev is Indispensible

The burden of managing the tasks lies on the software. It rarely takes more than 15 minutes per day to manage my tasks, so I can focus on what I love doing (programming) rather than worrying about what I need to work on next. I automatically get reminders and notifications when I need to do something. I also don’t have to worry about sorting through notes, meeting minutes, emails, and a countless number of online services to remember what I need to get done. It’s all in one place.

If I have to meet a critical deadline, I can sort tasks by due date to make sure I hit my personal goals for the day, and if I’m running behind schedule, I can judge that quickly by looking at my list. On the other hand, if there’s no rush, I know I have some extra time to work on less critical, lighter tasks; this is stuff that normally get pushed around for ages. Additionally, the mobile and web apps are available virtually anywhere for a lot of platforms, so I can— and do— use it anywhere.

I’d like to go into more detail about my day here, but I’ll save that for another time. There’s just so much to get done!


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Producteev Hits the Sweet Spot With a Bajillion Tasks – @rhogroupee

“I’ve fallen in love with Producteev and keep it open on a Firefox tab all day. It really hit the sweet spot and helps me stay on top of a bajillion tasks” – Rosemary O’Neill, President, community manager, movie nut, & mom of three.

fave features:

  • calendar view
  • sorting by labels
  • reminder notifications

key benefits:

  • daily organization
  • less mental energy to do more work

Rosemary O’Neill, president of Social Strata, manages work, family and side projects in Producteev.

She came across Producteev by googling for apps to help her get things done. Five task managers were tested before she finally settled. The O’Neill party of 5 has now been using Producteev for six weeks and has decided that it is the productivity tool for them.

“I am all in!” Rosemary shares, “The most important thing about Producteev is being able to switch between the list view and calendar view. This helps me organize my tasks on any given day.”

Separate workspaces are also used, which are categorized into her day-to-day activities (both work and family), and special projects. It’s actually pretty smart so that her calendar – with daily responsibilities – can be in one place.

Context labels make the to-do list more manageable. As community manager of Social Strata, Rosemary is in charge of social media and customer support/relations. This spectrum of duties is entered using the web app. “I kinda appreciate being nagged when it’s time for me to do a blog update,” she reveals.

As far as her workflow and completing to-dos are concerned, Rosemary sets deadlines using the SCHEDULE IT feature. Any unscheduled tasks are then addressed by priority.

Rather than heavy processing of tasks (Covey method etc.), she finds this method simpler and easier to work with. In effect, Rosemary spends less time thinking about what it is she has to do and more time checking off the many items on her list. Producteev’s filters help do some of the task processing work for her, and the sort by feature has been a real lifesaver.

In addition, she and her husband, Ted, make the most of their Seattle commute by dropping tasks into the Producteev iphone app. “It’s mentally freeing for me to be able to pop tasks right in there.”

Finally, to manage her hectic schedule as a busy mom, Rosemary reminds herself to do school-related tasks for her three young children on Producteev. “I can remember to bring cupcakes on Thursday,” for instance, “and I like that Producteev emails me the day before with a reminder!”

Learn more about views and sorting and see a similar use case .

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Time Flies with Task Management on Producteev


Jon in his Cherokee Six airplane.  

“The most important thing about using Producteev is that I know things are getting done on time. It allows me to spend more time flying and doing other things I enjoy” - Jon Labrum Colorado-based business owner, pilot.

fave features:

  • separate workspaces
  • recurring tasks
  • filters

key benefits:

  • meeting deadlines
  • automation
  • workload distribution

Producteev helps Jon Labrum manage a stream of back office support, including bookkeeping, time tracking, and payroll. “Producteev is simple and helpful,” he explains, “It’s the first task management app that works for a team, instead of just an individual.”

Jon’s team at Progressive Business Consulting has a bundle of workspaces, which they organize by client. Jobs are organized by label, the label “payroll” for instance. Their work resembles top-down processing, with Jon and one other co-manager creating all tasks. Items are then divided and assigned accordingly, often using Producteev’s bulk feature. “It’s not really ad hoc,” Jon clarifies, unlike a recent marketing team use case.

However, this type of workflow goes hand in hand with recurring tasks, which make the team’s work a lot easier. Tasks become automated and are planned well into the future, with notification reminders easily being automated and planned, as well. Weeks get very busy, so it helps that tasks can be set into motion and repeat when necessary.

The left sidebar comes in handy and allows sorting by filter, label, or people on the team. Jon can click on any one person’s name to have an overview of all their [public] tasks. As the admin of the workspace, Jon uses the the people tab regularly and finds it a very convenient tool for organizing their to-do list.

The members of Jon’s team at Progressive Business Consulting have unique work styles and similar to a team of scientists, Producteev adapts to their needs. Jon adds that the team manages their to-dos across multiple platforms. He uses the web app about 80% of the time and spends the other 20% managing tasks via email and iPhone. “I have Producteev open on a separate tab all day,” he adds, “a pc app would be ideal.”

We’re adding that to the wishlist. Let us know what else we can do to make Producteev your productivity tool of choice!

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Can a task management app bring you peace of mind?

“Producteev is an effective way to document our work and helps us make decisions on what should be done next. We use it for team transparency and accountability” – Dan Johnson, business manager, outdoorsman.

fave features:

  • shared workspace
  • Android app
  • labels/tags

key benefits:

  • centralized location for projects
  • mobility
  • peace of mind

Dan Johnson and teammates at ReallyCheapHealthInsurance.com rely on Producteev to manage web-related tasks, from design to SEO to business strategy. ReallyCheapHealthInsurance provides its clients with instant health insurance quotes from many different insurance companies so people can compare health insurance prices, products, and policies side by side and choose what works best for them. The close-knit team is based in three states and two different time zones. Producteev helps make online collaboration across several states less of a hassle for them.

The team’s entire front end development is managed using the to-do application. Programming tasks, with varying degrees of difficulty, are assigned to appropriate member(s) of the team. They are then easily starred and ranked, in order of priority.

In addition to product development, business goals are measured in Producteev. Leads for agency partnerships, for instance, are tracked with the task manager. From the qualifying stage to the follow up stage, potential partners are notated in the system. Specific actions to be taken are entered and scheduled, as needed. This action-oriented approach ensures that multiple opportunities are leveraged.

Often on the go, or in the field, Dan adjusts by managing his to-do list on Astrid, a 3rd party application for Android. The add-on syncs with Producteev, allowing ideas that come to mind while running errands, to be easily tracked and administered as tasks at a later date.

Finally, Dan also uses Producteev for personal to-dos. He assigns labels to help organize and process to-dos, and like many Producteev users is a fan of Getting Things Done (GTD). “What I really like about Producteev,” he shares, “is the ability to forget about tasks when out camping, fishing, or biking, and knowing that they will be right where I can find them when it’s time to get things done!”

For Dan Johnson, Producteev offers the best of both worlds and makes managing both work and play a breeze.

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Online Collaboration Made Easy for an International Non-Profit

“We really appreciate Producteev and are big fans!” – Kevin Tordoff, marketing director.

fave features:

  • mail2task 
  • team assignment 
  • calendar view

key benefits:

  • seamless collateral building
  • ability to focus on multiple projects simultaneously
  • effortless status tracking

Marketing team at their Pathways Out of Poverty exhibit

HOPE International, a 501(c)3 organization, serves the US & 14 countries worldwide as a microfinance network providing access to financial services to the working poor in an effort to combat global poverty. HOPE International recently celebrated the provision of its 1 millionth loan with guaranteed approval. 

Kevin Tordoff heads the marketing department, which is a diverse team of designers, copy writers, public relations professionals, and event coordinators. The team is an integral part of the organization and helps further its mission by using their creative services skills to raise awareness of the issues and solutions of extreme poverty.  

The creative group is in charge of executing a continual flow of requests for print materials, as well as maintaining the content of several websites and delivering compelling video reports from the field. Producing events are also a vital element of their work routine as these occasions are important in connecting their donors to work in the field. They use Producteev to manage a wide range of projects — from planning an annual Global Leadership Summit, to handling special jobs in locations like Ukraine and the Dominican Republic.

To help organize their full line of work, the team uses several workspaces. For instance, one workspace is completely devoted to events and another has been designated for a special exhibit. 

Their general tasks, however, cover assignments from “copy” to “media coverage” and are easily scheduled and tracked within Producteev. The app’s strong collaborative sense makes it simple to share a single, common view of all upcoming projects. It is also the number one reason the team migrated from their previous to-do application.

To better offer their services to all HOPE International staffers, which includes a domestic contingent of 45 employees, Kevin devised an internal, online form to assist with the creative request process. When a staff member in another division needs images or logo designs, s/he would fill out the form for Kevin’s team. All pertinent data is gathered in one step and is then forwarded by Kevin to task@producteev.com.

Once entered on the web app, tasks are then assigned and passed along, as needed. The huge advantage, according to Kevin, is having the same visibility, date, priority, label and attachments across the board. The team watches deadlines carefully by toggling between task and calendar view. Both views assist in preventing missed deadlines.  

Finally, the creative team enabled flexible permissions on their workspace. The feature is available upon request and makes all tasks shared by default. Thus, any team member can edit and append task details and mark a task off as done.

Like another Producteev use case, implementing an online form into your workflow saves time and alleviates e-mail trailing. For Kevin and his team at HOPE International, the online form and Producteev work together to make it easier to scale and help more people. 

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The Perfect Task Manager for a Strong Marketing Team

“It’s working out fantastically!” - Ashley Bienvenu, marketer, cheerleader, out-of-the-box thinker.

fave features:

  • starring system
  • deadlines
  • notes

key benefits:

  • ongoing development of ideas into strategies
  • more productive team meetings
  • greater alignment with different schedules

Ashley Bienvenu and her colleagues at Shopbot discovered Producteev for their personal to-dos. In a short amount of time, they implemented the task manager to coordinate their entire marketing efforts.

Shopbot now uses Producteev to manage a complete spectrum of responsibilities — from the smallest of routine tasks to more major projects, as far as three months out.

For instance, Ashley manages daily tasks like updating the company blog and enters objectives for long term projects overtime. In doing so, she ensures that repetitive tasks are quickly completed and ideas for major projects are always “on the radar.”

They heavily rely on task priority, deadlines, and notes. Not all of members of the marketing department work the same hours. Thus, leaving notes on tasks serve as a primary means of collaboration.

Any team member adds tasks to the workspace at any time. Instead of an overseeing admin, all members participate in assigning tasks to one another. Ashley raves, “It’s working out fantastically!”

Ashley considers the avatars, or team photos, an easy way to get a glimpse of who is assigned to any particular task. In fact, like many users, she and her team were attracted to the interface and are motivated to be on Producteev on a daily basis.

On a weekly basis, they use Producteev to help run more efficient meetings. Using tasks as a reference for brainstorming and devising different campaigns and strategies, they make sure that no thoughts are left out of the mix.

Finally, Ashley compares Producteev to a traditional, paper to-do list. “With Producteev, there’s the added benefit of technology, but that same satisfaction of marking a task off as done.”

The Shopbot team is present in:
Canada www.shopbot.ca
Quebec www.quebec.shopbot.ca
Australia www.shopbot.com.au and
Brazil www.shopbot.com.br


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Q & A: How Producteev “alleviates email trailing” for a photography studio


The core team at Vaughn Media includes: Matt Prested, producer; Cari Vaughn, director of business development; and Joe Vaughn, photographer and director.

Joe Vaughn’s images have graced the pages of Vanity Fair, GQ, NY Times magazineFast Company and Sports Illustrated. He specializes in portrait, food, travel, and lifestyle photography.

Like most modern companies, their Michigan-based office is often on-the-go, with an international client list. The team appreciates Producteev’s mobility and relies on the app to decrease time wasted with email.

How do you use Producteev?
Joe: Before Producteev, I would just use email for my workflow, but I found that after about a week, tasks were not getting done. It was difficult for me to keep up with emails, and constantly going back to read old messages was inefficient.

When I was looking for a work solution, Producteev was definitely a contender. I liked its aggressive approach to tackling the problem and how the developers seemed to work hard towards making their web application better. I got on board while the company was still in beta and have been satisfied ever since.

Matt: In addition to our regular clients, over the course of a year we may have anywhere between 40-50 one-time jobs. When not working on a photo shoot, we put less emphasis on a calendar-based approach and really rely on the app as a task manager.

Privacy settings have made a big difference, especially with our photography and design interns. Also, any given shoot can have a peripheral team of 3-15 freelancers. We’re more selective with what we let them see, but Producteev helps us eliminate some of the guesswork.

For our interns, however, logging onto Producteev is usually the first thing they do when coming into work. The system’s been handy with assigning them tasks, like updating our website, and has helped coordinate their irregular office hours.

Cari: Without Producteev, we wouldn’t get anything done! The three of us stay connected with the iPhone app and stay on task with notification reminders.

We use labels extensively to keep things organized. Joe may have as many as 50 active tasks, which we label by client and our own unique ticketing system to maintain order. We also label according to status, for instance, we have a label titled “invoice” to manage our invoicing.

Joe: The search function’s great, too. If I ever need anything from a completed job, I can easily search for and find projects from several months back and retrieve files, links and documents from those tasks as needed.

Describe your experience with Producteev.
Joe: Some of the more involved photo shoots have multiple art directors, an art buyer, and others within the ad agency. Email conversations could go in circles, without any final decisions being made. The system alleviates email trailing, with Producteev acting as a hub.

Matt: I oversee the administration of client needs and filter through the email trails to help Joe with priorities. We use creative briefs to record pertinent information and attach them as PDFs to tasks.

Joe: As a result, we have a much more manageable jobs list, and all I have to do is click on a task to see everything related to that assignment. This is a dramatic improvement from excessive email chains.

For more information about Joe Vaughn and Vaughn Media, visit www.joevaughn.com.

Put Producteev’s priority features to work, spend less time scheduling and get things done without relying on a calendar.

  1. Indicate priority level while adding a task by using asterisks (2* or **) 
  2. Add a priority level to already existing tasks to the left of task titles
  3. Go to the footer and Sort by – Priority to list tasks in descending order of importance

Find out more in Support.

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Q & A: How Producteev skyrockets your productivity


SlideRocket makes presentations awesome. Its cloud-based service lets people present from almost anywhere. It also helps with collaboration amongst co-workers and getting measurable results from your business communications and customer contacts.

The company also shares some of the same integration services as Producteev, like an iPhone and google marketplace app.

Nathaniel Robinson is VP of Marketing and a workspace admin. He and his team use Producteev to take their workflow to the next level.

Q: How do you use Producteev?

Nat: We have several workspaces. Today we use Producteev across marketing and business development and sales to ensure we’re all focused and working on a the right things at the right time. It also helps ensure that we’re not duplicating efforts and it helps us work as a team by getting what we need from other team members.

Mostly we use Producteev for tracking our own work, but we do use Producteev to sometimes assign to do’s to other people on the team. Our CMO uses it to assign tasks to us and keep track of our progress. When we want to see what someone is working on, we just click on their name.

I have also found the sort feature, in the footer, quite handy. I typically use it to sort by deadline and priority. It really helps me focus my energy.

Q: Describe your experience with Producteev.

Nat: Producteev really seems to be the only service that caters to our team needs. We needed an online application that would let us track assignments, document work history, let us be mobile and integrate with our other tools.

Many of us use the iPhone app. Also, SlideRocket is a SaaS solution and a Google Apps Marketplace partner and we like to adopt other Google SaaS solutions to manage all our apps in one place.

In addition, I connected my IM client and have used it a quite bit.

Producteev gives great visibility into what everyone is working on and keeps us on track!

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