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Prioritize Your Tasks: Don’t Get Lost in the List

Task lists are great but can be overwhelming when it comes to prioritization. If you write down all your tasks, odds are you have a very long list! Some people use tools that prioritize the tasks, before you buy anything read best reviews for products. Luckily, Producteev provides a range to ways to prioritize your tasks from the bigg (the workspaces) to the small (the subtasks). Here is a review of all the layers you can use to keep the control on your projects and priorities.


1/ The workspaces

A workspace is the place where you can create your tasks and invite people. Depending on your activity, a workspace may be a project or a client case. To deal with daily tasks you can also create and share a workspace with your whole company.



2/ The labels

Some call it tags, we call it labels. In any case, the labels are really useful to order the tasks by stage, work area or client case. This is a convenient way of organizing tasks because you are able to filter by label. You can also assign several workspaces to a task to visualize the dependencies at a glance.



3/ The tasks

Our advice about the task is pretty simple: if you think it should take more than a couple of hours to complete a task, split it in two or more tasks. Completing a several of the tasks is more encouraging than working on the same one for days!


4/ The subtasks

Subtasks are the best way to keep track of individual steps for a task. You can use the substasks as reminders of the process to complete the main task or as little personal reminders.



Once you complete the basic prioritization of your tasks, you will ready to hit the ground running on any project!

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Stop Using Emails and Take Action

Take just a minute to think about it: of the last 10 emails you received, how many helped you to complete a project? Not a lot right…

A recent study from the McKinsey Institute showed that the average worker spends 28 hrs per week looking for information to help get the job done, including more that 8 hrs per week just looking through old emails thread. We could all use that extra time.

In an effort to reduce the noise of emails you receive and to keep the conversation in the right place, you can use Producteev to turn talk into action items within the tasks and notes. Not only you can discuss and store information with your action items, you can also collaborate on documents and attach any type of files!

Have a Producteev week!

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Turn your emails into action!

Whether you use Outlook or a trendy mail client like Sparrow or directly Gmail, the statement holds true: emails are overwhelming. It results in a critical loss of productivity for employees and managers alike. What would happen if you turn this old tool into the most actionable piece of work? A task. Give it a try by starting to forward your actionable emails to task@producteev.com. This will help you will keep the conversation with your team in the right place, out of your email inbox.


From an email to a task, in a single forward


If you want to create a new task from scratch or to transform an existing email into a task the process is always the same: you send an email to task@producteev.com. You can send from your main address (the one you used to register on Producteev) and from any email address you own, as long as you register those in your account’s settings.

By default the title of your email will become the title of your task. Producteev will help you to go further into the action, by using the Natural Language Processing in the subject field you’re able to create a deadline and name the person who is responsible.

The actionable conversation



Once you have set the title of your future task and its assets, it’s time to edit your first note. The body of your email will be considered as the first note, including the attachments (remember all you can do with your docs on Producteev?). The icing on the cake is that you can also mention members of your team using the @ in the body of your email so they will be added as followers to the new task, and notified that they have a role to play! Now you only need to move the conversation in the right place and to let your collaborators move forward.

Turn the good emails into actionable tasks to create a better way to communicate and get things done.

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They use Producteev to sublimate their commercials

M /studio is one of the most well known post-production facilities in Chile and a reference for commercials in the Latin American World. When we heard that they use Producteev to manage their projects, we couldn’t resist asking a few questions.



Hòlà compañeros, tell us a little you and your company.

My name is Fernando and I’m partner and general manager of M /studio, a video post production company. We mainly do advertising and we work with some prestigious clients like Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Colgate, Palmolive… I run the company on a daily basis when Guayi Mas our art director, is on the field trying to create spectacular effects for our client’s commercials.


How does Producteev help you to get those projects done? How do you use it on a daily basis?

We use Producteev to coordinate the process of post-production. Since the plans change every minute we need to keep everyone updated and to share information in real-time. A client changed his mind, a last minute revision… They’re always unexpected challenges in this business and Producteev has been really good to keep everyone updated with what they have to do in order to make the commercial great and the customer happier.

Give us your secret, what does your Producteev board looks like?

We use Producteev in a very special way. We only have a few projects running in the meantime and each project is short (5 days on average) and intense. So we use a common workspace for all the employees where we represent each client as a label and each project as task. Then, we use the notes to keep everyone updated on the next steps to follow. Using the notes allows us to send a notification by email to each employee as soon as something is moving on the project!


What feature do you use most in Producteev?

We mainly use the web app since we are always in the studio and we stay behind our computers for days when it is time to finish big projects. The feature we use the most is definitely the emails and the notifications by this channel.


How did you manage your tasks before you use Producteev?

I just put everything I could think about on a calendar or on my agenda and then I had to manually send emails to everyone to notify them. Finally, each employee had to recreate their own task-list on a piece of paper. Now with Producteev I can share all the information with the entire company, which is much more powerful and productive. I don’t have any doubt on the quality of our work, but this kind of tool helps us to be more organized and efficient.


Thank you for your time and stay Producteev!

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Subtasks now on the Producteev Android app!

After the long wait (thank you for your patience), the subtasks feature has been released in the latest Android update. Download it here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.producteev.android.alpha22.


Right from the task details screen, you will be able to see the subtasks associated to it. If you click on the subtasks list, you will access the edit screen where you can add, delete (long click), check on/off and change the title (simple click) of a subtask.

This is pretty much following the same flow as the web app and the other native apps. The drag and drop re-ordering will come soon.

**This major feature release requires a complete upgrade of your local producteev database. If you decide to update the app, you will be logged out and on your next login, a complete fresh sync will occur for a few moment. All data -all tasks, workspaces, labels, notes- not synced with the web app will be lost, so make sure you do a full sync before the update.**

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. The next features will be the social logins (google and facebook sign on) and the Android native push notifications.

Looking forward to your feedback.

The Producteev Android Team.

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Announcing Email Sync: Outlook Plugin & Google Tasks Sync [UPDATE: NO LONGER AVAILABLE]


[UPDATE DEC 18, 2012]: This is no longer available, but two features we planned to bring back at some point.

We’re launching two-way task sync for both Outlook To-Dos and Google Tasks, which are linked to the top two email clients out there! Are you jumping for joy right now!?

View feature specifications, download & install, and watch video tutorials at:

Here are some brief notes on installation:

Once the Outlook Plugin is installed, go to your Outlook Tasks. To the right of the Producteev tab, select settings. Enter your Producteev credentials and log in. Adjusting other settings are optional (sync frequency and direction). The important thing to note is that changing which workspace is synced can be accessed on this tab. Press sync on Outlook to force sync. Refresh the task list on Producteev to sync.

Connecting Google Tasks Sync is easy. From your Producteev workspace in the left sidebar, select Workspace Administration and the Email/IM tab. Scroll down to Google Tasks (immediately after Google Calendar), and hit connect. Grant access to Google, and you’re set! Refresh the task lists to force sync.

Tame the email beast! ;)

A special thanks goes out first and foremost to all our beta testers. You help great apps happen! Lastly, none of this would be possible without the skills of CTO Aric Lasry (behind Google Tasks Sync) and David Podhola, a third party developer based in Prague.

A wise Windows developer and gamer once said, “Outlook is one of Microsoft’s more diabolical creations.”

Photo credit: Lou Gallois-Disant

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Launching our API for Developers / Announcing the “Developer Throwdown” With Cash Prizes for Top Apps!


New York, NY (PRWEB) July 13, 2010



Producteev, a leading provider of cross platform task management, announced the launch of an API (application programming interface) today. The newly available API gives third-party web and mobile developers access to all of Producteev’s extensive task management features, enabling them to innovate and create their own applications that sit on the front-end, with Producteev powering the back-end. Developers now have the ease and flexibility to plug-in a task manager to whatever application they use everyday, such as a CMS engine, an invoicing app, workflow app, etc. Producteev used its own API to extend existing functionality for its iPhone application and Google Gadget, which lets users quickly see and manage important tasks from Gmail. With its announcement, Producteev becomes the first platform that provides users with the most robust, full-featured task management system available on the market.

“We’re really excited to make our API available to the developer community, so they can build their dream task management app for whatever it is they are using everyday. Moreover, our API is already battle-tested, as every tool that we developed and plugged into Producteev uses it,” stated Ilan Abehassera, Producteev’s co-founder and CEO. “We believe developers will welcome and appreciate Producteev’s extensive features and quality platform. We eagerly look forward to seeing what they will create.”

Unveiled last month, Producteev plugs into the broadest array of popular communication tools, extending users’ ability to efficiently capture tasks, email-based action items or schedule deadlines, with whatever communication channel they prefer. The product, free to individuals, connects to a myriad of popular communication tools, so scheduling tasks is a seamless experience that doesn’t require any change in users’ workflow. With Producteev, people can use a task manager without having to go to a web app if they don’t want to, or they can send tasks from their email or IM and get notifications back.

Producteev Announces Developer Throwdown Contest Additionally, the company kicked off the Producteev Developer Throwdown to encourage developers to get started creating innovative web or mobile apps. The contest will award cash prizes to the best apps that win the most votes from a panel of judges. Cash prizes include $2,500 that will be awarded to one developer for the winning app and $1,000 will be awarded to the runner-up. Producteev’s Developer Throwdown judging panel consists of notable, serial Web entrepreneurs, including:

Sachin Aagarwal, Co-founder and CEO, Posterous

Oleg Tscheltzoff, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO, Fotolia

Dan Porter, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO, OMGPOP

Marc-Henri Magdelenat, Director of Mobile Advertising, Microsoft

Mathieu Nouzareth, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO, FreshPlanet

More information about Producteev’s Developer Throwdown is available here:http://www.producteev.com/developers/.

Good luck to all the developers!

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How to use the Getting Things Method (GTD) with Producteev Two! (Video Tutorial)

Hi everyone!

I’ll try to do a few video tutorials just like this one, to better explain some of our features or just respond to your questions from Twitter and by email.

Feel free to ask if you think we should cover other topics!

Today, we’ll try to show in 2 minutes how you can use the GTD Productivity method (developed by David Allen) using Producteev Two.

Feel free to add your comments!

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