The thinking behind our home page redesign.

Yes, we’re live with a brand new home page, and we think it rocks, check it out here :

A few weeks ago we decided to redesign the Producteev home page. We liked the previous version, but we wanted to see if we could do better. Specifically we wanted to provide a better presentation of Producteev and its unique features. We were interested in less copy, more visuals, and a step by step presentation.

Down the road, we’ve noticed that visitors were mainly looking for three things: what we do, what makes us special, and how much the product costs. Based on feedback we focused on building a layout that would give all this information at a glance.
We came up with a fancy slideshow that first describes Producteev as an easy-to-use and cross platform task management application. Then we emphasized the fact that Producteev was great either if you use it as an individual or as part of a team. Finally, we highlighted the “mail-to-task” feature because we believe that one of our main goal is to get your tasks out of your e-mail inbox.
We also brought the sign up form right to the home page. We did it because we firmly believe that the best way to discover the added value of Producteev in your daily projects is to experience it by yourself instead of reading features descriptions here and there.
2012 has been a very exciting year so far. Lots of companies signed up for PRO accounts. We decided to give them some room on this new home page. We’re happy to introduce you to a few of them like Apple, Financial Times, Logitech, and lot of Small Businesses who make us proud to develop a better product for them, day after day. We’re looking forward to create a customer section on the website so we can present different successful use cases of Producteev in various industries.
We hope that this new home page will help building a wider and stronger Producteev community.
For reference, here was the previous design:


The new one:


Hope you enjoy it!


The Producteev User Experience team.