Vines + Producteev = the perfect mix for a great vintage

With a part of the Producteev team born and raised in France and our new headquarters located in California, we have two good reasons to be like wine. When we heard that a little wine producer from the Napa Valley uses Producteev to monitor his vines and sell his bottles, we could not pas up the opportunity to discuss our two passions: wine and productivity!

Hello Greg Scheinfeld, could you tell us a little more about your company?

Uproot Wines is a small producer of high quality wines in the Napa Valley. We are currently making a Sauvignon Blanc and a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley, as well as a Grenache Blanc and Grenache from the Central Coast. All four wines are produced and bottled in Napa.

One of the more interesting things about our company is that we have designed a front label that has what we call a tasting color palette. This means that the color bars on the label correspond to how strong the wine is. We started our company about a year and a half ago and are growing.

What is your role at Uproot Wines?

As the founder of Uproot Wines, my role includes everything from paying the bills to selling the wine. The team is still quite small: Jay (my associate), his two assistants, and myself. Jay and I work closely on the phone and through Producteev to keep track of the different tasks that need to be done. Email, texts, and phone calls can only be so helpful. The Producteev dashboard has everything in the pipelines clearly laid out and is easy to keep updated.

How do you use Producteev?

Most of my work is done through the desktop application. I hardly use the website dashboard since the app is suited perfectly for what we need at Uproot. I actually think we under utilize the potential of the product. As Uproot grows, we will have the opportunity to utilize Producteev further.

What feature do you use the most?

We primarily use the deadline and the multi-channel notification features. We also use notes and the task list helps us to keep a running list of all the things in the pipeline that we need to accomplish. It also helps keep us stay accountable.

How did you manage your tasks before Producteev?

Managing our company has mostly been done through email and phone calls. It was difficult because employees lived in separate time zones. Thus far, Producteev has really helped us to stay on track.