You can now add multiple E-mail and IM accounts to Producteev!

You’ve asked, we deliver!

A lot of people are using personal and professional E-mail addresses for instance, they want to be able to forward their emails from both addresses to Producteev. You can now do so!

Make sure you add those new E-mail and IM accounts from your communication preferences, under your workspace settings (bottom left, located in the menu bar)


Same rules for your IMs, add 3 gtalk accounts if you want to, it’s that simple :)


PS: Might be worth adding that each of your accounts works for all of your workspaces. You just to tag them with the name of your workspace you want to send it to. Ex: Dentist appointment #personal will go to your Personal workspace, no matter what communication service you’re using. When you connect them once, it works for all.

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